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    These 34 Gadgets From Amazon Canada Will Make Your Day Less Of A Headache

    It's almost too easy.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pill organizer that'll keep your meds organized so you won't accidentally miss a dose. Each pod is split into two sections, so you can separate doses by time of day or even use one pod for two people taking different vitamins.

    The weekly pill organizer with days of the week written on each container, as well as a sun and moon sticker to emphasize the divided sides of each container

    2. A 5-in-1 jar opener set that'll make cracking open a cold one (or a jar of spaghetti sauce) way easier. It’ll reduce strain on your wrists, is safer than using a butter knife, and is great for those of us living alone who can't pawn the task off on someone else.

    A jar opener and grip with two examples on the left showing them being used on a jar and a bottle cap

    3. A dog food tracker that’ll help counter your pup’s snack-bamboozling ways — just move the slider over when you’ve fed little rascal. Now you’ll know when they’ve eaten, even when they pretend they’re starving.

    The tracker with days of the week and AM and PM ticks you can switch off beside each day

    4. A gooseneck phone stand that’ll let you fully enjoy lazing in bed without worrying about your phone dropping on your face. It has adjustable clamps and a sturdy neck, so even the bulkiest phone case will fit comfortably.

    The flexible phone stand clipped onto a bedside table

    5. A pair of razzle-dazzle car hooks that'll add some glam to your interior, while also preventing the back seats from looking like a tornado recently passed through. They're great for hanging extra masks, as well as making it easy to reach for bags and coats.

    Sparkly car hooks hanging off of the back of the passenger's seat

    6. A set of bed sheet fasteners that'll keep your sheets in place even through the most fitful of sleeps. Making your bed in the morning will be way faster, which we all know means more snooze time.

    7. A cupboard door caddy that'll give your hot tools their own cozy little nook to live, while still being easy to access. That means no more haphazardly pulling out plastic baskets, looking for the right tool — instead, you can put that energy into a beautiful DIY blowout.

    The caddy hanging off of a cupboard with hairbrushes and a blowdryer

    8. An elegant shoehorn that'll take some stress off of both you and your kicks. It has a chic leather handle for comfort, and won't look jarring when you hang it up on the coat rack with the nice jackets.

    A person using a shoehorn to get their sneakers on

    9. A pair of motion-sensor night lights that'll make those (multiple) 2 a.m. trips to the bathroom easier and safer. It shuts off automatically after a minute or so of inactivity, which is great for lowering energy costs—a notable perk for those of us paying hydro bills.

    The motion sensor night light plugged into an AC outlet

    10. A sinkside dishrag organizer that'll keep your sponges dry and your kitchen lookin' spick and span. It has a handy U-shaped rack for cleaning cloths to drip-dry from so they’ll stay fresher for longer.

    The caddy with a cloth hanging over it above a sponge and scrub on a counter

    11. A Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker that'll help those of us who just can't ever find anything when we need it. You can connect it to your computer and it’ll track down your valuables in seconds — you can even add a tracker to your phone.

    A tile pro on a keychain with keys

    12. A tiny-sized bike rack that'll free up your space while keeping your ride safe. It adheres to the wall in a snap, then you simply push your bike's wheel in and you're good to go.

    13. A kitchen set on a rotating caddy that'll give you everything you need, to make anything your heart desires. You can both baste and bake without having to run around your kitchen looking for various tools.

    The utensil block on a table with pasta ingredients around it

    14. Or a magnetic bar that'll keep your cooking utensils accessible without taking up excess counter space—super useful if you have limited surface area to work with. It uses extra-strong magnets, so you won't have to worry about flying sharp things while you sauté.

    Four knives on the magnetic stip against a tiled wall

    15. A portable grip that'll save you from lugging all your weights around by instantly turning your dumbbells into smartbells😎. It snaps onto most weights, letting you smoothly transition into kettlebell workouts without breaking (more of) a sweat.

    A dumbell with the clamp attached to its bar

    16. A Tubshroom that'll eat up lost tresses so your shower doesn't look like that one scene from It. It's a game-changer for anyone who sheds like a husky in spring every time they shampoo, and you'll love not having to stick your fingers down the drain to fish out all that hair.

    A person holding the catcher that is wrangled with hair above a drain

    17. A cable organizer that'll destress your life, by removing the eyesore that is nine different cables playing twister by your desk. It comes with a wooden lid that's nice and chic, so it won't end up further detracting from your décor.

    The before and after photos of an extension cord messily out in the open and then covered and organized inside of the cord box

    18. A compact umbrella stand that'll fit in even the tiniest of nooks and crannies. Reviewers love how sturdy it is, and that they're able to grab an umbrella while walking out the door without jostling the whole thing.

    The umbrella stand with a large umbrella and a small portable one sitting inside

    19. A pet hair remover that’ll solve the fuzziest of problems on all your furniture and clothing. There are no sticky strips, so you can reuse this roller over and over (and your favourite sweater will thank you).

    20. A lid organizer that'll keep the tops of your Tupperware in one place so your cupboards aren't overflowing with colourful plastic. It'll make things like meal prep and leftovers a lot easier to deal with, too.

    The organizer in a drawer filled neatly with food storage container lids

    21. A batter mixer that'll whip you up the smoothest batter so you get perfectly fluffy pancakes every time. The blender ball does the heavy "whisking" for you, plus there won't be a mountain of dishes waiting to ruin your post-breakfast high.

    22. A Brita water bottle that'll keep your water clean and clear of any lingering chlorine tastes. Reviewers are loving that it's actually leakproof, and that the straw is covered when not in-use (way more sanitary!)

    A person sipping from the Brita water bottle

    23. A quick and gentle cuticle remover that'll make your hands feel ✨fresh AF✨, without all the painful poking and prodding from using metal tools. All you do is squeeze a little onto each nail and then rinse after 15 seconds—and you're done!

    A person holding the cuticle removing solution to their cuticle

    24. A mop-and-broom holder that'll keep your cleaning supplies in tiptop order, so you won't have to wade through a chaotic closet every time you need the Swiffer. Since it attaches with an adhesive, it's great for renters who aren't allowed to put holes in the walls, but still want some breathing room.

    A towel, broom, brush, mop, and sponge hanging off the rack next to a washing machine

    25. A digital clock that'll gradually wake you up by simulating a sunrise, which works even for heavy sleepers. Reviewers say it’s especially helpful during Daylight Saving when there’s less light, and that it’s made mornings way more pleasant.

    The light alarm clock shining with a warm light on a bedside table next to a succulent

    26. A mug heater that'll keep both your coffee and your insides warm and cozy. It'll save you from having to get up every twenty minutes to nuke your tea because you keep forgetting to drink it 🙄.

    A cup of tea sitting on the mug warmer

    27. A shower curtain that'll contain all your haircare and body washes (not to mention scrubs, sponges, and shaving stuff). Not only will you feel more organized, your shampoo bottle won't spontaneously backflip onto the floor of your tub anymore.

    A bath tub with the pocketed shower curtain on it

    28. A 3-in-1 avocado slicer that'll make avocado toast an even easier breakfast. It'll peel, core, and slice your fruits, saving you time you can be spending looking at houses you'll never be able to afford.

    Someone trying the avocado tool, removing an avocado pit with it

    29. A pack of anti-fog wipes that'll make everything from winter to masking more bearable for anyone who wears glasses. It'll also work on sunglasses and mirrors, and even shields your lenses against the fog of hot coffee.

    A comparison of each lens on a pair of glasses one with fog and one without

    30. An herb keeper with three dividers that'll keep your dittany fresh for longer amounts of thyme 😬. It's self-watering and has a collapsable, clear lid with air vents, so the herbs can still breathe between uses.

    A container with fresh herbs inside

    31. A flat-plug power bar with three USB ports that you can plug directly into for charging your devices. It’s wall-mountable (which is amazing if you have a smaller space) and will protect your electronics from any power surges.

    32. A fabric shaver that'll refresh your fave tees and knitted sweaters after the dreaded pilling stage has begun. Simply turn it on, then run it over your shirt (or couch) et voilà—good as new!

    33. A set of dryer balls that'll make your clothes soft as clouds and static-free, while reducing drying time and removing lint. They're way better for the environment (and your hydro bill!) than single-use dryer sheets.

    A basket of dryer balls

    34. A 24-piece set of eco-conscious food containers that'll keep leftovers fresher than your old plastic (and probably discoloured) ones. They're also really good for portioning foods and marinating ingredients.

    The tupperware in a kitchen filled with various foods

    You after your handy haul arrives:

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