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    29 Random Things From Amazon Canada That Your Future Self Will Thank You For Ordering

    They're just too good to pass up.

    1. An E.l.f. blush and highlighter duo that'll actually fit in your makeup bag (unlike that bulky palette you're used to toting around). The shades are pigmented, but blendable so you won't have to worry about looking like a sparkly clown.

    2. A pack of gear patches that you can use to fix holes in your jackets and camping stuff. The set comes with a ton of fun shapes (including a buffalo, a howling wolf, and sharks) so you can personalize your parka, sleeping bag, and whatever else needs mending.

    3. A Nespresso pod organizer that'll keep your ever-growing coffee collection under control. It'll double as a stand for your machine, freeing up counter space and giving your star appliance the podium it deserves.

    The organizer filled with pods with a coffee maker on top of it

    4. A desktop dog park that'll make your work setup a whole lot cuter. It comes with a felt lawn where your can display the included tiny chiens, plus a petite book that breaks down what's hip and happening at the dog park.

    Several dog figurines and a fire hydrant in front of the desktop dog park box

    5. An Apple Watch band that'll pretty up your fave gadget. The translucent, jelly style gives off big Game Boy colour energy, making it the perfect accessory for anyone who waxes nostalgic about the '90s.

    A person with their Apple Watch on the band around their wrist

    6. The Witcher boxed set that you'll definitely want to read if you've already played the game and binged-watched the show. The series is eight books long so it'll actually take you a while to get through.

    The books in their box on a blank background

    7. A pet hair-removing tool that you can use to scrape embedded bits off fur off your carpets and furniture. It's equipped with rubber edges that'll dig deep into fabric without causing wear and tear.

    A person using the tool on their stairs

    8. A Zwilling chef's knife that'll give you pro-level skills in the kitchen. This blade is *seriously* sharp and will help you master everything from deseeding tomatos to slicing salmon to chiffonading herbs.

    The knife on a cutting board next to lemon slices and rosemary

    9. An Apple remote holder if you're someone who always misplaces their clicker. It's almost as slim as the remote so you can stick it to smaller surfaces, like door frames and table legs with ease.

    The remote holder with a remote in it on the side of a house

    10. A pack of dose trackers that you can slide over your pill bottles to remind you whether or not you've taken your vitamins each day. Simply pop down the date (and dosage) to keep yourself from forgetting — it's that easy.

    A person holding an open pill bottle with a pill tracker on it

    11. A copy of The Book of Myself that'll have you penning a story with the most important main character ever in existence: you. It's packed with prompts that'll help you dig up memories, record relationships, and jot down pearls of wisdom you've learned along the way.

    The cover of the book with circles and line drawings of leaves on it

    12. A pack of peel-and-stick botanical decals that'll make your apartment walls less boring to stare at. They can easily be repositioned so you'll be able to get your masterpiece *just* right.

    The leaf decals on a wall behind a laptop on a desk

    13. A pair of donut pans that'll save you from rushing over to Timmie's when you've got a hankering for some deep fried dough. Reviewers say they're a cinch to clean and love that the non-stick coating saves them from greasing their pans before use.

    Two donut pans and a donuts on a cooling rack on a counter

    14. An outlet extender that'll give you more room to plug in your gadgets and gizmos. It has four AC outlets and three USB ports, but won't take up as much space as a traditional power bar.

    A camera, phone, tablet, and computer plugged into the outlet extender

    15. A pot lid stand that'll keep your stovetop accessories from creating a mess on your countertop. Reviewers say it's sturdy enough to hold up cast iron lids and love that it has a non-slip bottom that prevents it from migrating around.

    A pot lid and a spoon on the stand

    16. A tube of L'Oréal lash primer that'll act as a base for your mascara. It'll coat your tiniest hairs in fibres (kind of like falsies), giving you extra volume and length where you need it most.

    17. A self-watering plant pot that'll bless your leafy babies with their daily dose of H2O so you won't have to walk around with a watering can. It comes with a water level indicator so you'll know when it's time for a refill.

    18. A pair of Baby Yoda fidget toys that you can use when you're frustrated, bored, or just want to fiddle with something. It'll give you the same satisfaction as popping bubble wrap, but you can use it over and over and over again.

    Two Baby Yoda fidget toys on a blank background

    19. A jumbo eye pencil that you can use as a liner, shadow, and inner corner highlight. Reviewers say it's essential for anyone who does drag or cosplay because it can cover up even the darkest eyebrows.

    A person wearing the eye stick as a shadow

    20. A copy of 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think that'll help shift your perspective. Reviewers say it's great for anyone looking do a lil' self-improvement and love that each essay is only a few pages long (so they can digest it bit by bit).

    21. An extra-large mat that'll keep your entryway free of salt stains. It has rubber backing that'll keep it from moving around and a thick fabric topper that'll help you get muck off your treads.

    Three pairs of boots on the mat

    22. A trio of decorative jars that'll pretty up your kitchen counters. They're airtight so you won't have to worry about your pantry goods going prematurely stale.

    Three jars with nuts, coffee beans, and pasta in them

    23. A scratch-off poster that'll encourage you to become a bookworm in 2022. With everything from Don Quixote to Jane Eyre, this reading list is built to introduce you to timeless classics (and maybe a new favourite or two).

    The poster on a console table next to a vase and candles

    24. A bestselling bike tool kit that'll help you repair your ride when you're on the go. Loose screws? Shaky valve cap? They'll be no match for this.

    The tools in their tool case on a wooden table

    25. An adjustable plate holder that'll keep your kitchen cupboards lookin' neat and tidy. The metals bumpers double as handles so you can use it to carry your plates to and from the table, too.

    A stack of plates in a holder on a wooden kitchen island

    26. An adjustable standing desk converter if you're starting to look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame because of your poor sitting posture (hello, it is I, Quasimodo). It has space for a large monitor or laptop, plus a shelf for your computer and mouse, so you won't have to sacrifice any parts of your setup.

    The monitor riser on a larger wooden desk with a monitor, keyboard, and mug on top of it

    27. A bottle of vitamin E-enriched cutting board oil that'll bring your charcuterie platters and butcher blocks back from the dead. It's colourless, odourless, and tasteless so it won't make any drastic changes to your beloved kitchen goodies.

    A person wiping down a cutting board with the oil

    28. A minimalist lamp that'll illuminate your space without taking the spotlight away from the gallery wall you worked so hard on. It has over 10,500 positive reviews and people love that it isn't bulky, but gives off a ton of light.

    A person sitting on a chair in front of the lamp

    29. A pack of patterned velvet scrunchies that won't tug at your tresses like regular hair elastics. They'll also make it look you put a bit more effort into styling your unwashed mane (who doesn't want that?).

    You when you see your orders arrive at your door:

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