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    Zhuzh Up Your Apartment With These 17 Gorgeous Home Decor Finds From Amazon Canada

    Time to buy your home somethin' pretty.

    1. A set of origami-inspired ring holders that'll give your bling somewhere to call home (other than your nightstand's cluttered drawer). Reviewers say they're super sturdy and won't topple over, even when "investigated" by playful kitties.

    A swan, an elephant, and a bunny ring holder with rings on them next to a potted plant

    2. A TV stand that'll give your space some retro flair. It has two open shelves and a cabinet with a sliding door, so you can display your prettiest bits and bobs while hiding your tangled wires and remotes.

    The unit with a bunch of vases and photo frames on it

    3. An ultramodern shelf that'll make you feel like you're walking into the MOMA when you enter your living room. Reviewers like that the included planter has a plastic sleeve that'll keep water from leaking out, so you won't have to risk ruining that pricey sofa you invested in.

    The shelf mounted on a wall with books, glasses, and accessories on it

    4. A doorway curtain that'll jazz up an entrance or split up a room for some extra privacy. It’ll add some personality to your space, and is great for people who work from home but don’t have a dedicated office.

    The curtain in a doorway

    5. A pair of artsy rose gold planter vases that'll hold your flowers — and your gaze. Reviewers say they're even large enough to fit full bouquets, so you can go ahead and stuff 'em with wildflowers.

    The vases on a round table with flowers in them

    6. A faux ficas that'll add beauty to your home without the demands and responsibility of a real one. If you are dying to give your apartment greenhouse vibes, but don't get a lot of sunlight, this is the low-maintenance foliage friend for you.

    The ficus on the floor next to two large cushions and two wooden chests

    7. An adjustable floor-length mirror that'll let you admire your fab 'fit before you head out the door, and is perfect for taking #OOTD selfies. The back will also double as a ladder shelf for your scarves and blankets.

    The ladder shelf with a blanket hanging from its back standing next to a shoe shelf and a wall-mounted rack

    8. Or a round mirror in a minimalist style that'll dress up your wall. It's especially useful for adding depth to a smaller space and will help make your shoebox living room or kitchen look a bit bigger (we love optical illusions!).

    The mirror hanging on a wall above a dresser with décor on it

    9. A swanky silverware set that'll replace the mismatched ones you've collected from Ikea and yard sales over the years. Reviewers say they're as comfortable to hold as they are sleek and stylish.

    A knife, two forks, a soup spoon, and a dessert spoon on a dinner plate

    10. A velvet accent chair that'll add a touch of class and character to any room in your house that's looking a bit "meh". Reviewers say it makes for a comfy office chair (like, you can actually sit in it all day without getting uncomfortable) and love how luxurious it looks.

    The chair beside a window, next to a stack of books and a potted plant

    11. A rustic-chic coat rack that'll keep your jackets and scarves from piling up on every spare chair in your home. It also has shelves for your shoes and a bench where you can sit and tie your laces.

    The coat rack with shoes, a tote bag, and some scarves hanging from it, next to an accent table with a plant on it

    12. A pair of vegan leather cushion covers that'll bring some sophisticated (but still comfy) energy to your Netflix nights. They're fabulous for adding contrast and dimension to your existing decor, especially when paired with other textiles.

    Two throw pillows on a couch in the cushion covers

    13. A set of acacia wood coasters that'll save your vintage coffee table from unsightly water rings. Reviewers say the corked centres do a great job of absorbing moisture and like that the felt feet on the bottoms keep the coasters from sliding around.

    The coasters being used to rest two jars of lemon drink, next to a pitcher, on a wooden table outdoors

    14. A string of wooden beads for an understated homespun element that'll dress up your mantle, book shelf, or coffee table centrepiece. The tassels at each end will also add a cute, folksy flair.

    The string of wooden beads

    15. An end table with a hidden charging station that'll help conceal cord clutter and give you a place to rest your latté. It has two USB ports and two electrical outlets, so you can finally put away the extension cable you've been tripping over for years.

    The charging station next to a couch with cables coming from the inside

    16. A bold and eclectic art piece that'll add a striking layer to any wall that could use some livening up.

    The painting above a fireplace mantle and chair

    17. And finally, a rustic ladder shelf that'll be perfect for storing towels, linens, and extra blankets without taking up valuable floor space. It has a removable storage basket, so you can stop tossing all your cushions on the floor when it's time to kick back on the couch.

    The ladder shelf leaning against a wall, next to a plant

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