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    17 Problem-Solving Products From Amazon Canada That You Need In Your Life

    Mo products, less problems.

    1. A pair of squeeze bottles that you can fill with oil, vinegar, acrylic paint, baby powder, and more. They're fantastic if you like buying in bulk, and you can even use them for icing pastries — the spouts will give you more precision for designs.

    Someone holding two squeeze bottles, the larger one with oil in it and the smaller one with soy sauce

    2. A pack of acne patches because it's time to accept that picking at your skin just ain't a solution. They’ll pull all the gunk out of your zits and even destroy monstrous cysts buried deep beneath your skin.

    The pimple stickers and packaging with text overlay, bye bye pimples

    3. A pair of shoe deodorizers that'll save you from retching every time you take off your smelly kicks. Reviewers say they're a must-have for keeping their work boots and gym shoes fresh, and love that they remove odours without leaving behind any synthetic scents.

    A pair of mesh running shoes with the de-odourizers in them

    4. An anti-fog wipe that'll make everything from winter to masking more bearable for anyone who wears glasses. It'll even shield your lenses from coffee and can work miracles on mirrors too.

    Someone holding a pair of glasses to compare anti-fog cloth effects on one lens and no fog cloth on the other

    5. A pack of dry cleaning sheets that'll save you (and your wallet) a trip to the cleaners next time you spill wine on your cashmere sweater. Reviewers say they're also great at removing wrinkles, meaning you won't have to spend your precious time ironing or steaming.

    A shirt with a stain on it next to a shirt with the stain removed

    6. A pill splitter that'll help you halve your vitamins and tablets with ease. Reviewers say it's great for anyone who has trouble swallowing extra-large caplets (now you can take them in two doses!).

    A photo of the pill splitter with the pill split in half

    7. A bottle of wrinkle spray that'll smooth out your collared shirts and linen dresses, saving you from having to borrow grandma's ancient iron. It's more effective than hanging your clothes in the bathroom during a shower and will leave your stuff smelling fresh, too.

    8. A pair of broom holders that'll keep your bulky cleaning tools from cluttering up your closet. They have adhesive backings, so you won't have to drill any holes to install them.

    Someone demonstrating how to mount the holder next to one that's already up and holding a broom

    9. A tub of Bio-Oil gel that'll soothe and heal the dry skin on your hands (made worse by all the washing and sanitizing we've been having to do). Reviewers say it keeps their skin moisturized during the colder months and that it's come in handy for eczema flare ups, too.

    Someone holding an open tub of Bio-Oil dry skin gel

    10. A pack of silver wipes that'll rid your jewellery and antiques of dullness and discoloration. They'll also leave a protective coating behind, so your beautiful silverware can stay untarnished for longer.

    A before and after of a tarnished silver ring

    11. A pack of non-slip nose pads that'll keep your specs from sliding down your schnoz all day long. Reviewers love that they don't add excess bulk and that the strong adhesives make each pair last weeks at a time.

    the nose pads next to a pair of glasses and the box they come in

    12. A meat chopper that you can use to break up your protein in the pan. Reviewers say it's saved them so much time and effort compared to using a wooden spoon or spatula.

    13. A pair of light-dimming sheets that'll dull that pesky glow from your alarm clock or thermostat, so you can actually fall asleep. You can cut them to size, so you can use them over the smaller LEDs on your computer, too — great for people who keep their setups in their bedrooms.

    14. A fogless mirror that'll make shaving in the shower way easier now that you can actually see what you're doing. You simply run it under hot water for ten seconds and then hang or hold it up for a safer shave.

    A person uses the mirror to shave their face while in the shower

    15. A pair of stainless steel soap bars that'll rid your hands of garlicky fumes (plus that smell that just won't go away after you accidentally picked up a mildewy dishrag). You simply rub the bar between your hands and it'll vamoose odours, saving you from having to scrub your palms raw.

    The stainless steel soap bar resting against a cutting board with two heads of garlic on it

    16. A set of produce containers that'll keep your fruits and veggies fresh as the day you bought them. The vented inserts are removable, so you can wash your strawberries without having to transfer them to a separate colander.

    The containers with a bunch of fruits and veggies on a table

    17. And lastly, a stamp-dispensing toilet bowl cleaner that'll keep your toilet ✨supa-fresh✨ in between scouring sessions. Simply push a gel round onto the inside of the bowl, and every flush will do the work for you.

    Your haul, rollin' up to your door being like:

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