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    Just 24 Cool Accessories You'll Want To Check Out If You're About That Gamer Life

    These will definitely help you get that MVP status.

    1. An SNES-style Bluetooth controller that you can connect to your Nintendo Switch, phone, PC, and even your Mac. Every part of the controller is fully functioning (from joysticks and rumble vibration to a proper D-pad!), so you won't have to choose between looks and performance.

    Someone using the controller to play a video game on a switch

    2. A tenkeyless mechanical keyboard that'll add a satisfying tactile touch to your gaming experience. It's a great introductory choice if you're unsure about making the switch, and no number pad means your mouse won’t be playing bumper cars with your keyboard

    The keyboard on a desk with a matching mouse next to it

    3. An adjustable posture corrector that'll gently (but consistently) remind you to keep your head up and shoulders back. Reviewers say it's ideal for anyone who's tired of suffering from back and shoulder pain.

    Back view of someone wearing the brace with their hands on their hips

    4. A pack of Super Mario Bros. magnets that'll give you something to play with while you decide on a mid-grind snack. It comes with 80 pieces that'll let you recreate some of your favourite scenes from the games.

    Super Mario Bros. magnets arranged on a stainless steel fridge

    5. A set of LED strip lights that’ll help you jazz up your PC tower or add some flair to your gaming lair. Reviewers say they’re super bright, incredibly easy to put up, and have tons of colour options to boot.

    LED lights on the walls and floors of a living room

    6. An ergonomic foot rest that'll make sitting at your desk way comfier. Reviewers like that they can flip it onto its round side for some rocking action, which helps to alleviate stiffness in their joints and get their circulation pumping.

    A person sitting at an office chair with their feet rested on the cushion

    7. An office chair that’ll keep you sitting up straight, so that you won't have to suffer IRL like you might be in your game. Reviewers say that the fabric feels cushy and luxurious, and love that it's able to fully recline for ultimate relaxation.

    The ergonomic chair in an office

    8. A pair of Razer noise-cancelling headphones that'll help you stay focused by keeping distracting sounds out (like your chatty dog who just doesn't seem to run out energy, ever). The earpads are soft and infused with cooling gel, so you won't get an annoying pressure headache or hot, sore ears even with all-day wear.

    9. A Razer mobile game controller that'll connect to your smartphone, so you won't have to sacrifice another victory because you tapped on the wrong pixel. It'll slide closed to become more compact, so you can keep it in your bag until it's time to bring your A-game.

    Someone playing a mobile game on their phone, attached to the controller

    10. A light-up deskpad that'll give your setup a ~snazzy~ makeover. Reviewers love that it’s got plenty of colours options to choose from (14, to be exact!), plus a big enough surface area to fit both their mouse *and* a keyboard.

    A computer with keyboard and mouse setup on the lit-up mousepad

    11. A dedicated Blue Yeti microphone that'll amplify your voice, so your teammates won't have to guess at what you're saying. Reviewers say it's also great for vlogging and like the plug-and-play feature for easy setup.

    The mic with headphones over them

    12. An external hard drive so you can download and play that 80GB monstrosity of a game. It's pretty tiny, so it won't take up much room on your desk or in your laptop bag.

    The hard drive on top of a laptop

    13. A giant time-marked water bottle that’ll remind you to stay hydrated when you're obliterating in-game enemies all day. You'll be able to easily track your daily water intake with the motivational marker, while focusing your valuable mental energy on strategizing.

    A person holding the water bottle

    14. A mouse bungee that'll help you avoid tangled wires when you're trying to focus on aim and accuracy. It also has anti-slip feet to prevent it from sliding around.

    Someone using the bungee mouse cord

    15. A wearable deep tissue massager that'll alleviate some of the stress you carry in your back and shoulders (from carrying your teammates in Call of Duty all night). Reviewers say it's been helpful for their upper body pain and love the heated feature for working out tougher kinks.

    someone wearing the massage vest in different positions

    16. A desk fan that'll cool you and your equipment down without adding extra bulk to your space. It's USB-rechargeable and its speed can be adjusted with a little slider on the front.

    The fan in front of a laptop on a desk

    17. A wireless Playstation controller charging station that'll keep 'em juiced up while giving them a dedicated place to rest. Reviewers like the indicator lights that show when they're charged all the way, so they don't have to do any guessing.

    Two controllers on a charging dock

    18. A mounted headset holder that'll keep your 'phones safe when they're not in use. Reviewers like that it's easy to put up and that it folds up when not in use, making it great for compact spaces.

    a pair of headphones hung on the wall mounted holder

    19. A set of PS4 controller thumbsticks that'll improve your performance and accuracy in your games. Reviewers especially like that they make gaming more comfortable, without sacrificing precision.

    An xBox  controller with the thumbsticks on it

    20. An L-shaped computer desk that'll give you room for your extra-wide monitors, numerous peripherals, PC tower, and even a cup of coffee. It also has a built-in power strip with two outlets and two USB ports, so all your electronics will be ready to go.

    An L-shaped desk with a laptop, monitor, and keyboard on it, a PC tower beneath it, and next to a gaming chair

    21. An ultra-lightweight Razer gaming mouse that'll help you ditch your old one. It also has two macro buttons that you can set up for different programs.

    22. A laptop cooling pad that'll help keep your machine from turning into an actual furnace. Reviewers like that it runs quiet and say that the angle helps them maintain a better posture while gaming.

    A gaming laptop on the laptop cooler

    23. A Runescape pot holder that'll help you put all that cooking XP to good use (even in your offline hours).

    Someone using the oven mitt on a pizza while slicing it with a pizza cutter

    24. And lastly, a surge protector that’ll keep your devices safe during an outage. It has six grounded outlets and two USB charging ports, so you can charge up your Switch and phone while you play on your PC, without taking up extra outlets.

    A phone and laptop plugged into the surge protector

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