Spot The Freshman (Clemson Edition)

A fun game for all upperclassmen to play but remember, we were once all freshman too and did almost everything on this list. Freshman don’t take this personally its just suppose to be funny. Points are awarded if you see a freshman…

1. Wearing a lanyard with dorm key on it 10 points

2. Dressing up for 8 am’s (or just class in general) 15 points

First day of school doesn’t count.

3. Buying all brand new text books at the book store 15 points

One day you will learn the art of amazon and rentals

4. Siting in the front row 10 points

Eager and ready to learn.

5. Taking notes….on syllabus day 10 points

6. Bringing books to class…on syllabus day 20 points

Bonus 10 points if its still wrapped in plastic.

7. With their hand constantly in the air on syllabus day 20 points

And they ask about a million questions

8. Everything they wear has Clemson Tigers, or the Paw all over it 15 points

9. Wearing orange every single solid orange Friday 15 points

*See even I did it as a freshman
Throwback to first solid orange Friday 2010

10. Goes to every game & stays the entire game 20 points

Yes I have school spirit but when its an FCS school on a super hot day you bet I’m leaving at halftime to watch the rest in air conditioning

11. Captioning every picture on social media “I love college!!!”

12. Wearing their IPTAY shirt at least 3 times a week 15 points

13. Play a lot of Ultimate Frisbee 10 points

14. Talking about how much they love frisbee 10 points

15. Bragging about high school….a lot 15 points

That’s great you were captain of the soccer team or student body president….but no one cares

16. Carrying around books for every class for the entire day 15 points

17. Getting really excited when anyone starts the cadence count 15 points

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