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Spot The Freshman (Clemson Edition)

A fun game for all upperclassmen to play but remember, we were once all freshman too and did almost everything on this list. Freshman don't take this personally its just suppose to be funny. Points are awarded if you see a freshman...

caycehelderman • 4 years ago

Movies That Should Not Have Sequels

There are just some movies out there that are great on their own but awful sequels were made.

caycehelderman • 5 years ago

Top 12 Doctor Who Episodes

Some of the best doctor who episodes of all time also note I have not seen all of the 11th doctor episodes

caycehelderman • 5 years ago

3 Tributes You Wanted To Win The Hunger Games (minus District 12)

If for some reason Katniss and Peeta couldn't is who should have won

caycehelderman • 5 years ago

The Top 10 Michael Scott Quotes

The best of the gold mine that is Michael Scott's mind.

caycehelderman • 5 years ago

The Top 10 Episodes Of The Office

A count down of the 10 best episodes of The Office.

caycehelderman • 5 years ago