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33 Things Chinese-Americans Will Find Extremely Relatable

Your mom blaming everything on "yeet hay".

The Asian-American experience is unique and can vary depending where you grew up.

These are just some things that feel nostalgic to me as an American Born Chinese (ABC). For context, I grew up in a suburban town (with a fairly low Asian population) on the East Coast, outside of NYC’s Chinatown.

1. Begging your parents to buy your favorite snacks while grocery shopping.

Assortment of Asian snacks including Yan Yan chocolate dip sticks, White Rabbit candy, Kasugai Muscat gummy and Garden cream wafers

2. Passing the time by fold these paper stars that would ultimately end up in a clear jar.

3. Having to go to Chinese school on the weekends.

Sample of a childhood weekly schedule that lists regular school from Monday to Friday and then lists Saturday as studying day and Sunday for Chinese school

4. Instead of Juicy Juice, these were your juice boxes.

Vitasoy juice boxes in various flavors including chrysanthemum, black sesame, blackcurrant, soy milk, lychee juice, lemon tea

5. Knowing what these are used for.

Closeup of hands holding joss paper

6. Knowing how addicting these rice crackers are.

Bag of individually wrapped Bin-Bin rice crackers

7. Hearing the satisfying "clink" of the green backed mahjong tiles from another room.

Constance Wu as Rachel Chu in "Crazy Rich Asians" sitting at a mahjong table

8. When it was Lunar New Year, this would be brought out.

Closeup of a Tray of Togetherness that holds candy and other snacks

9. Your mom was always binge-watching Chinese dramas (especially the historical ones).

me: i wonder why i've never been able to sleep early. mom: watches chinese dramas until 4am dad: eats snack at 11pm and exercises at 1am

@freenapkins / Via Twitter: @freenapkins

10. Instead of actual gifts, you'd get red envelopes at birthdays.

Closeup of a pile of lucky red envelopes that normally hold money

11. Feeling an overwhelming sense of dread if you saw chopsticks stuck upright in a bowl of rice.

Steaming bowl of white rice with a pair of chopsticks holding a clump of rice

12. Fruit was basically dessert in your household.

Pair of icecream cones alongside a pair of tangerines

13. Grabbing a mooncake and hoping it doesn't have an egg yolk in the center.

unpopular opinion: mooncake with egg yolk is a big no

@karmunloh_ / Via Twitter

14. Sundays were saved for dim sum with the family.

Dim sum sitting in multiple bamboo steamers with two pairs of hands picking up food with their chopsticks

15. You can smell this through your screen.

Product shot of a traditional Chinese herbal supplement in a clear vial

16. You had Disney's Mulan (1998) movie on repeat.

Still from animated Disney cartoon Mulan drawing Chinese characters on her right arm with a calligraphy brush

17. At least one of these characters were part of your childhood.

A*Pop / BuzzFeed / Via Twitter

18. Your parents trying to force to drink bitter melon soup.

Group of green bitter melon vegetables lying on top of each other

19. Even after all these years, that Lee Kum Kee jingle plays in your head sometimes without warning.

Seeing that Lee Kum Kee commercial and hearing that🎶 Lee Kum Kee 🎶 jingle brings back my childhood haha. :)

@tteokbokki21 / Via Twitter: @tteokbokki21

20. You had people asking you to write their names in Chinese during school.

Stills from "Fresh Off The Boat" show with two men showing off their Chinese character tattoos and disagreeing on the meanings

21. Eating these haw flakes one by one.

@trungles / Via Twitter: @Trungles

22. Neatly placing your writing utensils and erasers into these pencil cases.

Long plastic pencil cases featuring Sanrio characters with pencil sharpeners and hidden compartments for erasers

23. Not knowing what "first cousin once removed" means because Chinese honorifics are much more detailed.

24. When it starts getting chilly outside, these cozy blankets were brought out.

Sleeping in an ethnic household during the winter be like

@afgeezy97 / Via Twitter: @Afgeezy97

25. Your mom warning you about "yeet hay" if you eat certain things.

熱氣 (yeet hay) which literally translates to ‘hot air’ in Cantonese. Often said by your mother when you’re eating something unhealthy, an adjective to describe unhealthy foods. If you know, you know🥵

@lydiazau / Lydia Ly / Via Twitter: @lydiazau

26. The dishwasher was never used, except as a drying rack.

Someone pressing the start button of a dishwasher alongside the reaction of a surprised boy

27. You can instantly hear the sounds from these two pictures.

you can hear both of these pictures

A*Pop / BuzzFeed / Via Twitter: @apopbf

You either threw the poppers one by one to make it last or you threw a whole fistful at once.

28. Making dumplings from scratch with your parents and grandparents.

Closeup of hand with giant emerald ring placing a freshly wrapped dumpling in a steamer

29. Hearing a loud "wei" when one of your relatives picks up the phone from the other room.

answering the phone in japanese: moshi moshi answering the phone in chinese: [90 decibels] WEI

@turtlekiosk / Via Twitter: @turtlekiosk

30. Your dad was most likely drinking boiled water out of this mug.

Ceramic mug with various floral and geometric motifs sitting on a wooden table

31. Tearing off one page daily from this calendar hanging up in your kitchen.

32. Eating homemade congee, especially when you feel sick.

Congee in a bowl with a white soup spoon nearby with eggs and bread off to the side

33. Watching Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat on PBS with that iconic theme song.

A*Pop / BuzzFeed / Via Facebook

Did these bring you back to your childhood days? Is there anything not on this list that you'd add? Let us know in the comments below!

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