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Introducing "Japanimation"

This new style of cartoons from Japan is a little different than Rocky & Bullwinkle or Loony Toons. Here's a selection of some of the "animes" out there.

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Similar to Transformers, this series is about giant robots! However, in Voltron five young humans defend the galaxy by piloting lion-shaped robots. In space!! When threatened with a major enemy, the lions combine to form the giant robot Voltron.


This one's kinda weird. It follows the story of an alien named Goku who comes to Earth with the goal of collecting the seven mythical "Dragon Balls", which will grant any wish. It turns out, however, that Goku had been sent to conquer Earth by a dying alien race. He spends a lot of time fighting one-on-one battles, and at some point goes "Super Saiyan", whatever that means.


This cartoon is geared towards more adult audiences. Robotech has a complex storyline and deeper character development. It starts out with the story of humans battling an alien race called the Zentraedi, and then gets more complicated from there. It's kinda weird but kinda awesome at the same time.


This full-length animated movie is NOT for kids!! Adults used to animated movies like The Last Unicorn will be shocked by this movie, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo in the year 2019. It follows the story of two motorcycle gang members who turn out to be "espers", which means they have psychic and telepathic abilities. There's lots of violence and weird scientific experiments and in the end one of the characters becomes God or something? I don't know, man, it gave me nightmares so maybe skip this one.

Basically, this Japanimation stuff is kinda awesome and kinda weird and my brother says they make dirty cartoons with like sex in them but who would want to watch that?