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14 Times Tumblr Users Had The Best Comebacks

It's astounding that a group of people can be so funny yet so, so weird.

1. This incredible advice to the Youths™.

2. And this very specific but helpful advice.

3. There's a fandom for everything on Tumblr.

4. A reminder that some things should be taken very seriously.

5. We Americans deserve this. We really do.

6. They all have really good points here.

7. RIP in peace, Tumblr user turing-tested.

8. I am in AWE of people who learn English as a second language.

9. *insert heart eyes emoji here*

10. Suddenly I'm very, very freaked out by the idea of pregnancy.

11. Tumblr: bringing people together one post at a time.

12. asjlfksjdajlkradasfrt

13. Oh no.

14. Finally, this one is wild from start to finish.

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