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Oct 17, 2011

Cosplayers In The Wild

Normally a reclusive group, cosplayers flocked in droves to the New York Comic Con. BuzzFeed editors braved the crowds to get some of the best candid shots of cosplayers in their natural habitat.

The baggage check quickly filled with suitcases used to haul costumes to the convention center.

Some costumes were relative easy to put on...

...while some of the more elaborate ones required a helping hand.

I'm including this photo of the steampunk cosplayers simply because it will annoy Scott, BuzzFeed's Managing Editor.

Spending so much time surrounded by nerds while dressed in a revealing outfit strained some relationships.

Rogue, for example, seemed annoyed that her companion was spending so much time at the Max Payne 3 booth.

The Joker, meanwhile, took some time to check messages while waiting outside the women's restroom.

Reception in the convention center was spotty at best, and cosplayers joined their fellow nerds who spent a lot of time checking for reception.

While reception on the show floor was spotty, the front of the convention center was a good place check voicemail.

The desire to play new video game demos transcended fandoms.

Contrary to what this picture would have you believe, the only lines in the bathrooms were for the mirrors. Cosplayers often needed to touch-up their make-up.

Cosplayers need coffee in the morning, just like the rest of us.

Eating lunch was especially difficult for some cosplayers.

Even the attendees with simple outfits needed a break from the show floor, and grabbed seating wherever they could.

Hot dogs were the most readily available food to buy, and watching cosplayers eating provided hours of entertainment.

Hot dogs were way cheaper just outside the convention center, and there was a McDonald's close by. Groups of cosplaying friends gathered together to chow down and get some fresh air.

An intrepid few ventured a block away to the McDonald's, but chose to bring their food back to the convention center to eat.

Cheaper food and fresh air weren't the only reasons to get outside.

Nerds who smoke congregated just outside the doors of the convention center.

This snazzy couple quickly attracted attention.

Because of the lack of seating at the convention center, tired cosplayers simply claimed territory on the floor.

They still took time to talk to the youngest nerds, however!

Cosplayers wearing pants had an easier time sitting than those wearing bustles.

The one place where seating was readily available was at the Magic: The Gathering tables.

By the end of the day, both plain-clothed nerds and cosplayers alike were exhausted.

Those who ran out of steam took catnaps anywhere they could.

Even after hours of wandering packed aisles, exhausted cosplayers still retained their good humor and sense of camaraderie. Nerds are the best!

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