What Would Peggy Olson Do?

Life getting you down? There isn't a single problem Peggy Olson can't solve. Because if you don't like what they're saying, change the conversation.

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What Would Peggy Do?

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She'd quit letting everyone use her as a doormat for their damn feelings. Want someone to shut up? TELL THEM. Even if it's Don Draper.

What Would Peggy Do?

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She'd take advice from a trusted friend who is most definitely respected as a Lady. (And stop dressing like a little girl.)

What Would Peggy Do?

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She would celebrate and voice her success, in her own way. How else will everyone know?! If someone wants to feel butthurt about your success, that's their problem.

What Would Peggy Do?

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KEEP IT TOGETHER, GIRL. Never lose hope. Never lose faith. Remember that something good is just around the corner. (Even if something bad will happen right after it. It's a vicious cycle, life.)

15. Problem: Your friends are all talking about the latest "cool" TV show, Game-of-Orange-Is-The-New-Sherlock, and you really, really don't care for and think is awful – nay, the WORST.

16. Problem: A friend is is super excited about a potentially horrific life decision they're about to make. They're so thrilled, but you know that their new life plan is A Very Bad Idea.

What Would Peggy Do?

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Just like your mother always told you: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Smile! Hug! But just keep your mouth shut. This is something they have to figure out for themselves.

What Would Peggy Do?

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INTIMIDATION. She would find a way of "changing the conversation" to get them to listen to what she had to say. Shock tactics, people! SHOCK TACTICS.

What Would Peggy Do?

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Peggy would ask. Get paid, girl. Don't ask, don't get. Simple as that. Same goes for when you start at a new place and they ask what your salary expectations are.

What Would Peggy Do?

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Get a fucking cat. Would you rather be alone or be with somebody who doesn't get you that you don't even like? Yeah. GET A CAT.

What Would Peggy Do?

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Peggy would simply say she's fine. Not everyone needs to know why you're not fine. Peggy checks her shit at the door and soldiers on.

26. Problem: You've been presented with a big, exciting opportunity! But it involves potentially screwing over one of your friends. Do you stick by your morals or go in for the kill?

What Would Peggy Do?

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Make the decision that's best for you, even if it hurts. You might be sad for a while, but look out for yourself – if you don't, who else will?