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This Badass Teenage Girl Chased Down A Man Who Flashed Her

Jodie Schofield chased the alleged flasher for 2 miles, and then had him arrested.

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When a man reportedly flashed 16-year-old Jodie Schofield in an alleyway in Salford, he probably did not expect to then be chased down for 2 miles by the angry teenager.

Manchester Evening News

On her way home, Schofield says that a man appeared in an alleyway she was walking through and exposed himself.

The Manchester Evening News reports that Schofield immediately chased after the man for 2 miles — until her screams alerted two builders who helped detain the flasher.

Schofield said she first started chasing the man out of anger because he was apparently laughing while he flashed her.

I saw him peeking around the corner and then he disappeared. I shouted at him and told him to stop but he was just laughing at me the whole time and I didn't want him to get away with it.

I was running after him for ages — about 30 minutes — but I just didn't want him to get away. After a while two builders saw us and I was shouting what had happened so they managed to get hold of him and keep him there until the police arrived.

The police detained the 52-year-old man who has since been released on bail until 1 May.