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Posted on Jan 8, 2014

These Semi-Naked "Priests" Want To Challenge Your Opinion Of The Orthodox Church

The Orthodox Calendar group's 2014 calendar features "priests" in the nude so as to "pay tribute to gay marriage." Obviously.

The Orthodox Calendar group has created a 2014 calendar which features nude and semi-nude members of the Orthodox Church.

Orthodox Calendars has been releasing similar calendar's since 2012, to "counteract the negative and outdated influences of most of the Orthodox church leadership."

Orthodox Calendar say their 2014 calendar "pays tribute to gay marriage."

The group have explained that this year's calendar is "the story of young gay couples from Eastern Europe sharing a common dream of one day being able to wed their beloved at the altar of St. Basil’s or St. Sophia’s or any other Eastern rite church."

The men in the calendar are models, not actual priests, but obviously some people are still offended.

Orthodox Calendar have explained that the calendar also takes an "ironic approach to the Orthodox Church itself" as the church has recently been involved in "corruption scandals, artist repression, gay sex cover-ups, outrageous behavior and homophobia."

Their "ironic" approach to the church involves the "priests" being portrayed in various situations they probably wouldn't normally be photographed in.

Such as lurking outside a man's window who is simply minding his own business and enjoying a hot chocolate, or gawking at a half-naked man making while he cooks him a fancy breakfast.

The calendar also features "homoerotic undertones" which are subtly demonstrated in the Orthodox Calendar 2014 teaser trailer.

Cate Sevilla / Via


Cate Sevilla / Via

Under... tones....

Cate Sevilla / Via

Orthodox Calendar also say the calendar involves "gentle ironic humor" – so gentle.

Cate Sevilla / Via


Cate Sevilla / Via

Orthodox Calendar think such undertones and demonstrations of gentle irony are going to help change how being gay is viewed in the Romanian Orthodox Church, so good luck to them.

And God bless!

Cate Sevilla / Via

You can watch the full Orthodox Calendar 2014 teaser here:

View this video on YouTube

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