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    The 45 Most Ridiculous Stock Photos Of Women

    Because we do so much more than just laughing with salad.

    While Getty's "Lean In Collection" hopes to change the way we view women through diversifying stock photography – there is still a long way to go. Here are the most absurdly sexist stock images representing the different aspects of women's lives, all of which were search results for the following words and phrases:

    "Women working".

    Women are often very aroused by their careers and find climbing the corporate ladder stimulating. Clothing is optional.

    "Women playing sports".

    "Women watching sports".

    Mainly just butts and rolling pins.

    "Female friendships".

    Yay! Let's touch each other!

    "Women eating".

    Not so much "eating" as just holding things to your pouty lips.

    "Women getting married".

    Weddings = super sexy.

    "Married life" and "relationships".


    "Single woman".


    Mostly just standing in fields.

    "Women travelling".

    "Lesbian relationships".

    Glamorous watermelons and screaming!

    "Successful woman".