The 45 Most Ridiculous Stock Photos Of Women

Because we do so much more than just laughing with salad.

While Getty’s “Lean In Collection” hopes to change the way we view women through diversifying stock photography – there is still a long way to go. Here are the most absurdly sexist stock images representing the different aspects of women’s lives, all of which were search results for the following words and phrases:

2. “Women working”.

ThinkStock / Sergey Matveev

ShutterStock / : Kiselev Andrey Valerevich

ShutterStock / Andrey Arkusha


Women are often very aroused by their careers and find climbing the corporate ladder stimulating. Clothing is optional.

4. “Women playing sports”.

ThinkStock / Kladyk

ThinkStock / kurga

ThinkStock / biglike

Ah yes, the classic female pastimes of “bucket squat”, “ball hump”, and “measuring waist”.

6. “Women watching sports”.

ThinkStock / GeoffGoldswain

ThinkStock / diego cervo

ThinkStock / Werner Heiber


Mainly just butts and rolling pins.

7. “Female friendships”.

ThinkStock / whitetag

ShutterStock / Vibrant Image Studio

ThinkStock / bloodua


Yay! Let’s touch each other!

8. “Women eating”.

Shutterstock / essensys Ltd

ThinkStock / studio-fi

ThinkStock / JohanJK


Not so much “eating” as just holding things to your pouty lips.

10. “Women getting married”.

ShutterStock / essensys Ltd


Weddings = super sexy.

11. “Married life” and “relationships”.

ThinkStock / Wavebreakmedia Ltd

ThinkStock / JackF

Shutterstock / Syda Productions

ThinkStock / mactrunk

So being a woman in a relationship means there will be casual domestic violence and constant nagging.

13. “Feminism”.

ShutterStock / Alessandro Colle

ThinkStock / YouraPechkin

Shutterstock / Olga Ekaterincheva

ThinkStock / _OSSA_

Definitely what the fight for equality looks like.

15. “Single woman”.

ThinkStock / JOHN GOMEZ

ThinkStock / badahos

ThinkStock / leviticus

ThinkStock / BananaStock


17. “Pregnancy”.

Shutterstock / Thanatip S.

Shutterstock / Mrovka

Shutterstock / Olena Brodetska


Mostly just standing in fields.

18. “Women travelling”.

ThinkStock / sundrawalex

ThinkStock / Creationphoto

ThinkStock / prudkov


Not so much travelling as just posing with severe camel toe.

20. “Lesbian relationships”.

ThinkStock / GeloKorol

ThinkStock / marcogarrincha

ThinkStock / Gromovataya


Glamorous watermelons and screaming!

21. “Successful woman”.

ThinkStock /altrendo images

ThinkStock / Piotr Marcinski

ThinkStock / bloodua

ThinkStock / Dean Pictures / Fuse

Because success for a woman is losing weight, looking sexy, and FINALLY being able to lay naked in faux fur. Who says you can’t have it all?

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