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    29 Reasons Why East 17's "Stay Another Day" Is The Greatest Christmas Music Video Of All Time

    It's snowing in space, because Christmas.

    1. Because it starts like this.

    2. And the boys are just stood there. Wearing these coats, in this snowy abyss, pleading for you to stay.

    3. This fire woman inexplicably appears out of nowhere, seemingly unharmed by the flames she's produced.

    4. Brian Harvey is then suddenly lost in space, wearing this hat.

    5. But then it turns out his mates are also lost in space, so he's not on his own.

    6. They join forces to point and float together.

    7. Then the fire lady shows up again. And so does the moon, because Christmas.

    8. Their full outfits are revealed. And just look at them.


    9. There's also an incredible display of hand movements and knee bending.

    10. Tony Mortimer then strokes his own cheek whilst wearing black, leather gloves.

    11. He then becomes so overwhelmed, he cries a single, actual tear.

    12. It starts running towards his mouth.

    13. And then INTO his mouth.

    14. But he swallows the tear and just keeps singing. Despite this going on behind him.

    15. Brian then makes this face while singing that he touches your face while you're sleeping.

    16. Fire lady reappears again, for no apparent reason.

    17. And then, suddenly, everyone is doing this. Just spinning around in a circle. Like they're on a carousel of feelings.

    18. Even when they get fur in their mouth, they carry with their emotional song.

    19. It is so snowy and they are spinning so fast that this guy needs these sunglasses to shield his eyes.

    20. His facial hair is so precise, you can tell he's really taking this whole thing very seriously.

    21. But not as serious as this dude, who is so excited for Christmas he's shaved a wishbone on to his chin.


    23. MAKE A WISH.

    24. Nobody knows why it's snowing in space.

    25. But they look so cool, nobody cares.

    26. But you do really start to wonder, who could say no to these boys?

    27. Who could ignore a man that makes this hand gesture when trying to make a point?

    28. Who could deny themselves another day with this lot?

    29. And then you realise – this bitch. That's who.

    You can watch the entire thing here.

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