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    Everything You Need To Know About Getting Into Cycling, According To An Olympic Athlete

    Macmillan Cycletta ambassador and Olympic champion Victoria Pendleton tells BuzzFeed how to fall in love with cycling, from conquering hills to ignoring those pesky men in Lycra.

    This is Victoria Pendleton – one of Britain's most successful female Olympians and track cyclists.

    1. If you're nervous about getting into cycling, build up your confidence first.

    2. Get the right kit so you're comfortable on your ride.

    3. Get your mates involved!

    4. Make sure you fuel up before your ride.

    5. And be sure to stay hydrated and have a balanced recovery meal afterwards.

    6. Complement your cycle training with an activity like Pilates.

    7. Don't let self-doubt stop you from cycling.

    8. When building confidence on your bike, make a note of your achievements.

    9. And make sure to treat yo' self!

    10. Ignore the MAMILs (Middle Aged Men in Lycra) and go at your own pace!

    11. Become queen of the mountain and conquer those hills!

    12. When climbing hills, stay positive. It's OK to get off your bike if you have to.

    13. Have a look around your local area for a hidden route or secret cycle path.

    14. But the people you cycle with are more important than where you cycle!

    Macmillan Cycletta, the UK's leading series of women-only bike rides, is back for 2015. Log on to to be the first to hear when new dates are announced.