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    22 Times Kay Burley Responded Perfectly To Trolls On Twitter

    Kay Burley is tired of your shit.

    1. When she responded like this to someone who said she is in the running for the most hated person on British TV.

    Hope u vote for me "@Ect0pussy: well done for being in the running along with Katie Hopkins, for being the most hated person on "british tv"

    2. And when someone told her Scotland voting against independence was "entirely" her fault.

    I'll get mi' coat "@biker_ds: @KayBurley @JennyStevensSky i hope you realise that the failed Yes Campaign is entirely your fault !!!”

    And on the night of the Scottish referendum, there was BraGate.

    In other news, Kay Burley pops up on TV in a see-through top, wearing a white bra! *shudders* #indyref

    3. But she took no shit.

    But how do you feel about the results so far... "@jippped: Your white bra under cheap purple top looks bloody shocking! @KayBurley”

    kay burley's wearing a white bra? LOL awkward!

    4. Like, at all.

    Can I just say if I wasn't wearing a bra then that would give trolls something to talk about... #indyref

    And after receiving (and obviously retweeting) things like this.

    "@studioexec1: Live pictures of Kay Burley reporting on the Scotland vote.#ScotlandDecides " oh dear @KayBurley ..

    And this.

    I see sky have that geebag @KayBurley in Glasgow for the vote result. If it's a yes the first thing they should do is lock her up do good

    5. Her responses were flawless.

    I don't have an old bag "@lukakowalski: @KayBurley please retire you old bag”


    7. There was also that time she called a Yes campaigner a "knob".

    8. And she was just like "soz".

    Soz for poor language - never alone with a microphone! Challenging environment ;-)

    9. She's all about the fact checking.

    She's not dead! "@bbcnews_ticker: Militant suspected of killing Malala Yousafzai is arrested, Pakistan army says

    10. As well as the importance of good grammar.

    And your grammar sucks "@Finlome: @bbcnickrobinson @KayBurley @AlexSalmond your still a dick Nick, and a liar....”

    11. And proper spelling.

    I think you should learn how to spell 'priorities' "@Andy_utd4life: sky news should sort there headline priortys out !! dont you think ?”


    I will, there's no 'e' "@christywest862: they did what any news organisation would have done Kaye including sky. Correct me if I'm wrong”

    13. She blocks people if they don't play nice.

    “@PaulHattersley: Kay Burley is a walking embarrassment,she should never be allowed on a TV screen and i'm not even Scots” but u are blocked

    14. And has suggested people stop following her if they don't like her.

    Er, follow someone else then rather than me on Twitter!!!"@MonkeyHanger86: Cringe worthy watching @KayBurley at times on @SkyNews ...


    You do know you're following me don't you Nemo? "@jhbroch: @KayBurley dont know whether to believe that you look like a bit of a knob”

    A flatcap that Kay wore during her coverage of the floods earlier this year became so popular it has its own Twitter account.

    She brought it back while covering the referendum...

    16. And when someone questioned it, she shut 'em down very quickly.

    Hair "@currantyonion: Whit's that on @KayBurley's heed?”

    17. Her comebacks are quick.

    If I'd known I'd be hearing from you I would have '@MMjt421: @KayBurley I believe you were at the tower you should have stayed”


    Like fine red wine my lovely, better with age "@marksmithlfc: @KayBurley looking old on telly now .”


    So retro "@alticry1: @KayBurley @kraljski @SkyNews hope you don't spread mad cow disease .”

    20. And she's always ready with a cutting remark.

    Can I call you 'tossed' Mr Salade? "@JacquesSalade: Get a life Kay!”


    Soz mum "@limpet67: @geordiemoore58 comments like that aren't helpful Kay, you should know better, possibly trying to incite something?”


    Miss Burley to you, Ms Grumpy Bitch "@TheGrumpyBitch: Good grief you let Burley loose to speak to grieving people? @SkyNews @KayBurley

    Never change, Kay. Never change.