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    A Giant Panda Has Been Released Back Into The Wild In China

    After being bred in captivity, giant panda Zhang Xiang has returned to her natural habitat.

    A two-year-old giant panda has been released back into the wild in a protected area of the Sichuan province in China.

    Zhang Xiang was bred in captivity and has been given survival lessons at a training base at a nature reserve since she was born. State TV report that she is now the third giant panda in China to be reintroduced to its natural habitat in seven years.

    CCTV showed that Zhang Xiang was initially reluctant to leave her cage and enter her new environment, and her keepers were dressed in giant panda suits covered in panda scent to help ease the transition.

    She will spend two weeks in an interim area where there will be plenty of water and bamboo, and then she'll venture out into the real wild where she'll have to search for food and water herself.

    Zhang Xiang has been fitted with a GPS tracker.