Feminist Photos From Around The World: Then And Now

Badass feminists, past and present. Slightly NSFW.

1. New York, 1913: Emmeline Pankhurst being released from detainment on Ellis Island.

Press Agency / Getty Images

2. Moscow, 2013: Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina at Kursky railway station after being freed from prison.

Sergei Karpukhin / Reuters

3. London, 1909: Imprisoned suffragettes waving through the windows of Holloway prison.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

4. Mordvinia, Russia, 2013: Nadia Tolokonnikova behind bars at a court hearing.

Mikhail Voskresensky / Reuters

5. New York, 1970: Bella Abzug at the Women’s Liberation Day parade, celebrating the 50th anniversary of women winning the right to vote in the US.

Keystone / Getty

6. Santo Domingo, 2012: Dominican feminists protesting against “femicide”.


7. New York, 1911: Emmeline Pankhurst being jeered by a crowd of men.

Topical Press Agency / Hulton Archive

8. Maputo, Mozambique, 2012: A feminist protester holding up a sign that says, “Nothing is more sexy than a feminist man”.


9. US, 1913: Suffragettes campaigning for the right to vote with an “I wish Ma could vote” banner.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

10. Barcelona, Spain, 2014: Women with “I am a free woman” and “Feminists are diverse” banners at a protest against the Spanish government’s plans to reform abortion laws.

Gustau Nacarino / Reuters

11. London, 1971: Members of the women’s liberation movement protesting against the Miss World contest at the Royal Albert Hall.

Chris Djukanovic / Getty

12. Madrid, 2013: A member of Femen being detained by police at an anti-abortion march.

Javier Barbancho / Reuters

13. London, 1971: More members of Britain’s women’s liberation movement protesting the Miss World competition.

Frank Barratt / Getty

14. Ankara, Turkey, 2011: Women marching on International Women’s Day for stronger punishments for perpetrators of “honour crimes” and violence against women.

ADEM ALTAN/AFP / Getty Images

15. UK, 1908: Christabel Pankhurst and her mother, Emmeline, met by supporters and friends after their release from prison.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

16. Warsaw, 2012: Supporters of Pussy Riot outside the Russian embassy, protesting against the two-year sentence given to three members of the band.


17. Davos, Switzerland, 2013: A member of Femen releasing pink smoke at the World Economic Forum.


18. UK, 1972 (left): Spare Rib founders Marsha Rowe and Rosie Boycott at their offices. US, 1972 (right): Ms. founder Gloria Steinem.

Sydney O'Meara / Getty

AP Photo/PBS, Courtesy of Ms. Foundation


19. Barcelona, Spain, 2010: Two women wearing mitres that read “I’m lesbian, adulterous, pro-abortion, and I do it with condoms” at a protest against Pope Benedict XVI.

LLUIS GENE/AFP / Getty Images

20. London, 1911: Charlotte Despard and fellow suffragettes at a National Federation of Women Workers march.

opical Press Agency / Getty Images

21. London, 2012: Actors dressed as suffragettes reenacting a march on parliament.

Andrew Winning / Reuters

22. UK, 1913 (left): Suffragette Annie Kenney being arrested during a demonstration. Moscow, 2012 (right): A supporter of Pussy Riot being detained by police for demonstrating against the court’s sentencing of three members of the band.

Hulton Archive / Getty



23. London, 1914: Suffragettes being arrested for chaining themselves to the railings of Buckingham Palace.

Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

24. Kiev, 2013: A member of Femen being arrested while protesting the jailing of Alexei Navalny.


25. Paris, 2013: A man kicking a member of Femen for protesting outside a mosque.

FRED DUFOUR/AFP / Getty Images

FRED DUFOUR/AFP / Getty Images


26. Paris, 2013: A topless member of Femen with “May fascists rest in hell” written on her chest being arrested outside Notre-Dame.


27. London, 1914 (left): Emmeline Pankhurst being arrested for joining demonstrations outside Buckingham Palace. Paris, 2013 (right): A Femen member being arrested for protesting the arrest of activist Amina Sboui by the Tunisian government.

Jimmy Sime / Getty Images)

FRED DUFOUR/AFP / Getty Images


28. London, 1914 (left): A woman being restrained by three policeman for demonstrating outside Buckingham Palace. Madrid, 2013 (right): A Femen activist with “Get out of my vagina” written on her chest being detained by riot police for crashing an anti-abortion demonstration.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

Pablo Blazquez Dominguez


29. UK, 1914: A suffragette being arrested during a protest.

Central Press / Getty Images

30. Moscow, 2014: Nadezhda Tolokonnikova being detained by police at a protest near Red Square.

AP Photo/Evgeny Feldman

31. Managua, Nicaragua, 2014: A feminist activist trying to get through a police barricade during an International Women’s Day march.

Oswaldo Rivas / Reuters

32. UK, 1914: A police officer attempting to remove a suffragette from the railings of Buckingham Palace.

Central Press / Getty Images

33. Managua, Nicaragua, 2014: An activist being blocked while trying to cross a police barricade during an International Woman’s Day march.

Oswaldo Rivas / Reuters

34. Chicago, 1922: A woman being arrested for wearing a one-piece bathing suit without leg covers, which were required by law at the time.

Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

35. Brussels, 2013: A security guard holding a topless member of Femen in a headlock after she tried to stop the car of the Tunisian prime minister from leaving the EU commission building.


36. London, 1914: Police leading arrested protesters away from a suffragette “attack” on Buckingham Palace.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

37. Moscow, 2014: Maria Alyokhina being detained by police for protesting outside a Moscow courthouse.

Maxim Shemetov / Reuters

38. London, 1914: An arrested suffragette being led to Bow Street police station.

Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

39. Istanbul, 2013: A Femen activist being arrested for protesting against Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at Sabiha Gokcen airport.


40. Sochi, Russia, 2014: Members of Pussy Riot – including Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina – being attacked by a Cossack militiaman after trying to stage a protest performance against the Sochi Olympics.

AP Photo/Morry Gash

AP Photo/Morry Gash


41. London, 2012: A supporter of Pussy Riot demonstrating outside the Russian embassy.

Dan Kitwood / Getty


This article has been changed to clarify that the photograph in item number eight was taken in Maputo, Mozambique.

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