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    Facebook Has Over 24 Million Daily Users In The UK

    Over 24 million of us are using Facebook on a daily basis. That's a serious amount of selfies and humble-brag status updates.

    Facebook has announced that it has over 24 million daily users in the UK, and over 128 million users in the US - which is roughly one in every three people.

    There are 33 million people in the UK who use the site every month, which indicates that there are literally millions of us who cannot go more than 24 hours without checking their profile. Four out of five of those 24 million people checking the social network every day are doing so via their mobile phones or tablets, and James Quarles, Facebook's regional director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said the UK was leading a "massive shift to mobile".

    "People start the day with Facebook and especially in the UK, which is a very big mobile market, there is a very high percentage of people signing in on smartphones."

    Although studies earlier this year found that even passively using Facebook can make some of us feel miserable, these numbers indicate that perhaps users aren't leaving the site in droves, after all.