24 Things That Perfectly Describe What It's Like To Be An Expat During Christmas

    Oh sure, I'd love to pay this customs charge for my own Christmas presents.

    1. You can't always afford to go back home for Christmas.

    2. And your family isn't that keen on having everyone travel to you at Christmas, either.

    3. So you're on your own, which can be a bit hard to get used to. At first you're like, "I HATE CHRISTMAS. CHRISTMAS IS STUPID."

    4. But then you suddenly realise this means you can do whatever you'd like on Christmas day.

    5. You start to embrace the traditions of your new home, like mulled wine.

    6. And OTT office Christmas parties.

    7. You discover your own way of doing things.

    8. But still any Christmas ornaments that you've brought over from home are the most precious of all, and get prime spot on your tree.

    9. You try your best to re-create some of your favourite things about Christmas at home, such as:

    10. And:

    11. But there are some things you just can't recreate or replace.

    12. Every year you vow to only send gifts on Amazon, but you hate that your gifts are missing that personal touch.

    13. So, you've become very well versed on the shipping restrictions at the Post Office.

    14. But you've also almost had a nervous breakdown while trying to send your family's presents.



    17. You've had to race to get your parcels sent by the cut-off date.

    18. You've also had to pay a customs charge for your own Christmas presents.

    19. And have had RAGE when an online shop doesn't allow for your delivery and billing address to be in separate countries.

    20. You've started crying in Sainsburys because they're playing "I'll Be Home For Christmas" BUT YOU WON'T BE.

    21. Skyping your family on Christmas Day has become your new tradition.

    22. As has Skyping your friends in your new home when you do go back for Christmas.

    23. When you do go home for Christmas, you realise that there are things you miss about the new place you live, and that your Christmases will never be the same.

    24. But, also that that's OK. Because it means you have family and family-like friends no matter where you are.

    Merry Christmas to all you expats out there!