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    54 Struggles Only The Doctor's Companion Will Understand

    Travelling through time and space with a madman in a box is harder than it looks.

    1. When you first met the Doctor, everything was so new and amazing.

    2. And you got into this whole thing because, well, WHO COULD DENY THIS?!

    3. Even when he keeps you waiting.

    4. (And waiting.)

    5. Space hair can be a bitch.

    6. As can spoilers.

    7. Sometimes your intergalactic lines of communication get crossed.

    8. And constantly being compared to your predecessor is a total drag.

    9. As is spreading the feminist agenda throughout time and space on your own.

    10. And no matter how smart and clever you are...

    11. You're constantly reminded that a certain someone is smarter than you.

    12. But that never stopped you arguing with him.

    13. Or just completely telling him off.

    14. These tally marks are never a good sign.

    15. And spotting one of these can never be good.

    16. Sometimes you look into the heart of the TARDIS and it gives you a bit of a headache.

    17. There are times you feel more like a passenger than a companion.

    18. And he sometimes seems to forget you had a job and a life before you met him.

    19. But the idea of going back to how things were before can seem horrible.

    20. Because, after the Doctor, even your best attempts at having a normal life don't always work.

    21. Making the choice to return to the present is probably a lot better than the alternative.

    22. Such as getting stuck in a parallel universe.

    23. Or zapped into the past.

    24. Which was basically what you feared all along.

    25. But he told you not to worry.

    26. And asked you this.

    27. And you told him the truth.

    28. But he can't always keep you safe.

    29. And you realised that dating a Time Lord probably wouldn't be a long-term thing, because mortality.

    30. There are times you don't realise just how important you are.

    31. Even when it turns out you are the most important person of all.

    32. Like when you go back in time and get stuck being the maid.

    33. And have the sole responsibility of looking after the Doctor when he doesn't remember who he is.

    34. But then also have to watch him fall in love with a human (that isn't you).

    35. And then have no choice but to help pick up the pieces of his broken heart(s).

    36. Moving through time in the opposite way to your husband can be difficult.

    37. It's bittersweet when you find out he's replaced you with somebody younger.

    38. But it means there are other people who understand exactly what you've been through.

    39. There are plenty of times that the TARDIS has been a bit rubbish.

    40. But you quickly realised you'll never have a connection with him like "Sexy" does.

    41. Which is made even worse when she doesn't like you.

    42. There's also when the Doctor asks you to stay in a parallel universe with his human clone.

    43. And tries to convince you they're basically the same.

    44. And you're all like, yeah, close enough.

    45. The Doctor is your best friend.

    46. But also more than that.

    47. (But also even weirder than that.)

    48. Sometimes he makes you think that he's dead.

    49. And you realise the time you were planning on spending with him has been cut short.

    50. Saying goodbye to him will never get any easier.

    51. And even burning up a sun to say goodbye won't feel like enough.

    52. But no matter how sweet the parting.

    53. Another "hello" is always just around the corner.

    54. And the truth of the matter is, it's not only your heart that gets broken.