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    American Apparel Now Have Mannequins With Quite A Lot Of Pubic Hair

    Because MERKIN.

    American Apparel's window displays in New York City now feature mannequins with full, healthy tufts of pubic hair brimming out from its sheer lingerie.

    A district visual manager for American Apparel in New York told the New York Observer the mannequin merkins brought something "new" to celebrating Valentine's Day.

    The, er, fullness of the mannequin's public hair has been praised by a lot of women.

    LOVE these American Apparel mannequins. Minge is back.

    I'm gonna go ahead and admit that the full bush mannequin is the only thing American Apparel has ever done that I approve of.

    "@lilacfawns: american apparel's new mannequins are giving me so much life " omg

    THE REVOLUTION IS COMING: RT @Jezebel: AmericanApparel accessorizing mannequins with full bush

    Some are unsure how to feel.

    American Apparel mannequins have big bushy pubes now. Kinda brave, still kinda pervy.

    @russless @HeyVeronica putting a merkin on a mannequin is a disturbing image but I don't mind the overall result tbh

    Some are NOT HAPPY that a mannequin would dare to not wax.

    Full bush on a mannequin? Has the world gone completely batshit? Who thought this was a sexy idea

    Why is it necessary to have a mannequin with pubic hair!?! This is America home of the free land of the cleanly shaven!

    Whose idea was it to put bush on a mannequin

    And some took the mannequin's pubes politically.

    @Gothamist as if... 4 years of H. Bush & 8 years of W Bush weren't enough.. now we have Mannequin Bush! Sheesh!

    Running on a political platform of pro-mannequin-bush and anti-bush-shaming.

    But others had bigger concerns.

    Is this mannequin merkin ethically sourced #americanapparel

    And those of us covering the magnificent mannequin merkins have officially been caught out:

    The media is obsessed with American Apparel's mannequin merkins only because they want to print the word merkin.