40 Things Only American Expats In London Will Understand

From being met with silence when you sneeze to constantly explaining where you're from — Americans living in London, this one's for you.

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4. When people behind the counter at shops think you're a tourist because of your accent.

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"Now be sure to wait until it says 'remove card' before taking it out of the machine or else it will void the transaction."


8. And then feeling really awkward every time something like this happens.

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So. Embarrassing.

11. AND get your Starbucks.


Although there are a sacred few drive-through Starbucks outside of London. Makes total sense to drive 40 minutes down the motorway just for a Caramel Frappuccino, right?

12. Basically just having to walk everywhere.

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But you eventually got used to having to walk most places. And now when you go back home you're confused about having to drive somewhere that's literally five minutes away.

31. When you go visit somewhere outside of London where they clearly never get American visitors and you suddenly feel like a giant North American alien.

32. Initially being freaked out the police in the U.K. don’t have guns, but then slowly getting used to it and now freaking out that just about anyone in the U.S. can have one.

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And then being freaked out when you DO see the police in the U.K. carrying guns.

It's a vicious, violent circle.

38. When you went out for drinks with your colleagues expecting you would eventually go sit down and have dinner somewhere. You soon discovered this doesn't happen, and were introduced to the world of KEBABS.

40. When you stop and stare at London and are in awe that you get to live somewhere so bloody gorgeous.

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Being an American in London isn't always easy, but it's definitely always worth it.

Thanks for adopting us, London.