21 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You're An American Ex-Pat In Britain

    Home? WHICH ONE.

    1. Visa.

    2. Vacation.

    3. Dinner.

    4. Beer.

    5. Summer.

    6. Winter.

    7. Home.

    8. Target.

    9. WhatsApp.

    10. Phone call.

    11. Thanksgiving.

    12. Christmas.

    13. Drinks.

    14. Refill.

    15. McDonald's.

    16. Starbucks.

    17. Commute.

    18. Health Care.

    19. Customs.

    20. "Where are you from?"

    What it used to mean: A question you ask when you're curious where someone grew up.

    What it means when you're an ex-pat: A very confusing question that could mean either: "Where do you work?" or "Which country are you from?" or, when asked aggressively by a drunk man in a pub, a terrifying inquiry.

    21. Homesick.