20 Feminist Items You Need For Your Home Immediately

    Because nothing says "home sweet home" like a "treat yo' self" banner.

    1. "Treat yo' self" banner

    2. "Male Tears" coffee mug

    3. "Don't wait for the prince / Save yourself" print

    4. "Pizza Rolls" and "Let's Stop Bodyshaming" pillows

    Both from Look Human.

    "Pizza Rolls" pillow, $22.50. "Let's Stop Bodyshaming" pillow, $18.75.

    5. Hillary Clinton expression magnets

    6. "Write like a girl" mousepad

    7. Virginia Woolf montage print

    8. "Women don't owe you shit" and "Slut shaming sucks" banner stickers

    Both from Little Trouble Grrrls on Etsy.

    "Women don't owe you shit" banner sticker, £0.90. "Slut shaming sucks" banner sticker, £0.70.

    9. "Go get your almost equal pay" rubber shower art

    10. Frido Kahlo notebook

    11. "I'm not bossy, I"m the boss" and "What would Beyoncé do?" cross-stitches

    Both from Naughty Little Stitch on Etsy.

    "I'm not bossy, I'm the boss" pattern, £2.87. "What would Beyoncé do?" cross-stitch, £13.72.

    12. Vagina magnet

    13. "Don't tell me what to do" and "Deluded male power fantasies" throw blankets

    Both from Look Human.

    "Don't tell me what to do" throw blanket, $45.00. "Deluded male power fantasies" throw blanket, $45.00.

    14. "Women are people" Cheris Kramarae quote print

    15. "Liberation in self love" and "Tired of your shit" prints

    Both illustrations from Wish Candy on Etsy.

    "Liberation in self love" print, £9.35. "Tired of your shit" print, £6.23.

    16. "I am not your doormat" doormat

    17. "I woke up like this" shower curtain

    18. "Fair Caption" and "The General" prints

    19. "Feminist killjoy" banner

    20. "Own your body" and "Slut is a social construct" canvases

    Both canvases from Look Human.

    "Own your body" canvas, £34. "Slut is a social construct" canvas, £34.

    This piñata, however, should under no circumstances be in your house as a feminist item.