20 Feminist Items You Need For Your Home Immediately

Because nothing says “home sweet home” like a “treat yo’ self” banner.

1. “Treat yo’ self” banner

From Dog Business Card on Etsy, at roughly £1.25 per letter.

2. “Male Tears” coffee mug


From The Little Vinylsaur on Etsy, £9.35.

3. “Don’t wait for the prince / Save yourself” print

From Chocolatet Fraise on Etsy, £10.65.

4. “Pizza Rolls” and “Let’s Stop Bodyshaming” pillows

Human Issue

Human Issue


Both from Look Human.

Pizza Rolls” pillow, $22.50. “Let’s Stop Bodyshaming” pillow, $18.75.

5. Hillary Clinton expression magnets


Dat face tho.

From The Paper Poppy Store on Etsy, £9.35.

6. “Write like a girl” mousepad


From Slagathor on Zazzle, $13.95.

7. Virginia Woolf montage print


From BlackBird Studios UK on Etsy, £9.35.

8. “Women don’t owe you shit” and “Slut shaming sucks” banner stickers




Both from Little Trouble Grrrls on Etsy.

Women don’t owe you shit” banner sticker, £0.90. “Slut shaming sucks” banner sticker, £0.70.

9. “Go get your almost equal pay” rubber shower art


From Ugly Baby on Etsy, £11.21.

10. Frido Kahlo notebook


From FridaKahlo on Zazzle, $14.95.

11. “I’m not bossy, I”m the boss” and “What would Beyoncé do?” cross-stitches


Both from Naughty Little Stitch on Etsy.

I’m not bossy, I’m the boss” pattern, £2.87. “What would Beyoncé do?” cross-stitch, £13.72.

12. Vagina magnet


From Vaginament on Etsy, £8.72.

13. “Don’t tell me what to do” and “Deluded male power fantasies” throw blankets

Look Human

Look Human


Both from Look Human.

Don’t tell me what to do” throw blanket, $45.00. “Deluded male power fantasies” throw blanket, $45.00.

14. “Women are people” Cheris Kramarae quote print


From Doth and Made on Etsy, £11.21.

15. “Liberation in self love” and “Tired of your shit” prints

Wish Candy

Wish Candy


Both illustrations from Wish Candy on Etsy.

Liberation in self love” print, £9.35. “Tired of your shit” print, £6.23.

16. “I am not your doormat” doormat


From Houzz, $34.

17. “I woke up like this” shower curtain

Stephanie DuBois

From Stephanie DuBois on Society6, $68.

18. “Fair Caption” and “The General” prints

Janet Hill Studio

Both from Janet Hill Studio on Etsy.

Fair Captain” print, £16.20. “The General” print, £16.20.

19. “Feminist killjoy” banner

From Unicorn Parade Shop on Etsy, made to order.

20. “Own your body” and “Slut is a social construct” canvases

Look Human

Look Human


Both canvases from Look Human.

Own your body” canvas, £34. “Slut is a social construct” canvas, £34.

This piñata, however, should under no circumstances be in your house as a feminist item.

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It’s not a feminist. It’s a piñata.

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