16 Phrases Americans Should Keep To Themselves

There's no need to tell us about your fanny pack, lady.

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As BuzzFeed UK's resident American Expat, here are some of the phrases I've learned to never use. (At least not in the office.)

4. "Because ________!"

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Because OBVIOUSLY. Because LOL. Because OMG. Because FEELINGS. You're going to need to be a bit more descriptive than that because no one has any idea what you actually mean.

8. "I'm just gonna go put on my tennies."

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Tennies as in tennis shoes? As in shoes that are MADE FOR TENNIS? I don't think you're actually wearing tennis shoes. Those are just shoes.

15. "Thank you SO MUCH you are THE BEST!!!!!!"

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You can say this to your American friends, but British people don't want to hear it. If you are thankful, buy them a drink and never mention it again.