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    Jan 12, 2018

    17 Products That Will Level Up Your Reading Game

    This is it, this is how you become the ultimate reader.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This reading lamp which has a whole lot of settings that will stop you straining your eyes when reading at night.

    Get it from Amazon, £22.99.

    2. This candle that will let you imagine you're in a cute little rustic bookstore, when actually you're home in bed reading.

    Get it from Etsy, £13.70.

    3. These prism glasses that will let you read while lying down, which may look odd but will enhance your reading experience, trust me.

    Get them from Amazon, £9.99.

    4. This funny bookmark that will remind you where you got to and make you laugh.

    Get it from Etsy, £3.00.

    5. Or use this cute personalised pom-pom bookmark.

    Get it from Etsy, £4.95.

    6. This Kindle that will prevent you ever having to lug around your books everywhere you go.

    Get it from Amazon, £59.99.

    7. And this waterproof case that will let you read your Kindle in all conditions.

    Get it from Amazon, £6.50.

    8. These cute pencils that are perfect for annotating your favorite books.

    Get them from Etsy, £5.00.

    9. This portable page holder and stand for when you're tired of holding your own goddamn book.

    Get it from Amazon, £8.79.

    10. This handy little tool that will stop your pages flapping around.

    Get it on Amazon, £1.98.

    11. This book shelf that will motivate you to read more so you can display your conquered books as trophies.

    Get it from Amazon, £45.99.

    12. This bathtub book and wine holder that will help you finally finish that book while you soak.

    Get it from Amazon, £14.99.

    13. This tiny light that's perfect for on the go night time reading.

    Get it from Waterstones, £6.99.

    14. This cosy lounge set that will be great for when you spend a night in with a good book.

    Get it from ASOS, £24.00.

    15. And get snuggled up with this unbelievably soft blanket.

    Get it from TK MAXX, £16.99.

    16. This bookmark that translates words for you, for when you're feeling super fancy.

    Get it from Waterstones, £6.25.

    17. And finally, these bookends that will keep your to-read pile pretty and organised.

    Get them from Etsy, £24.49.

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