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23 Weird Things Noel Fielding Has Said That He Probably Can't On "Bake Off"

"The moonlight always made The lonely Prince vomit in right angles x"

1. He definitely can't get away with his usual lines hosting Great British Bake Off.

2. And his very niche childhood stories probably won't even make the final edit.

Channel 4

3. This might be about a baked good but the pure indecent nature of the statement means Noel might have to silence great lines like this.

4. Tbf he might be able to get away with saying this but he definitely couldn't wear this outfit.

5. His weirdly dark humour might not fit in with all the baking talk.

6. This is something he might need to keep to himself while the contestants are baking.

7. He's going to struggle to stay focused on the baking at hand and not on anything remotely gothic.

8. And his beautifully weird mind will have to put itself into a baking mindset.

9. His weird one off comments like this may need to be left at home.

10. I'm not sure he could describe a cake in the way he describes paintings.

The moonlight always made The lonely Prince vomit in right angles x

11. And there's no way he can present Bake Off from the floor.

Channel 4

12. He might struggle to be as quirky when asked about cakes, but knowing Noel he'll probably still come out with something odd.

Channel 4

13. Like this beauty.

14. Or this extremely creepy observation.

15. This is Noel trying to be mundane and wish everyone a happy Tuesday, Bake Off is not going to know what's hit it.

16. This is not a sentiment he should be sharing with any of the contestants.

17. If you think about it the Bake Off tent is like one big poncho, so there's some truth in this.

18. This is the kind of threat that the contestants definitely do not need.

dr Supper is coming to tea make him feel welcome or he will slice your shadow in half with his mind swords x

19. I'm not sure where his weird insights will fit into a baking show but either way I hope they stay.


20. This is maybe not a description of a cake that will go down well in the tent.

21. The show hasn't seen this kind of brutal interrogation before.

22. And Noel definitely won't be able to say these NSFW lines to the judges.

23. He may be weird and he may have to tone down the quirkiness on the show, but at least he has a history of baking, even if that was a bit weird too.

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