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    33 Things Synchronised Swimmers Know To Be True

    And 5, 6, 7, 8...

    1. If you train outside you end up looking like this:

    2. You're so used to putting gelatine in your hair that the thought of eating jelly makes your stomach turn.

    3. There is no pain like swimming a routine when the gelatine has run down your back and dried.

    ABC /

    We've all swum a routine while not being able to move our neck. Legend has it gelatine is stronger than superglue.

    4. Basically, gelatine is the worst.

    When you find dried gelatine in your hair that somehow managed to escape the hours shampooing and scrubbing #synchroproblems

    5. You can stretch anywhere.


    6. And you even incorporate furniture in your stretching.

    7. But you'd never stretch on the side of the pool unless you want to look like this:

    No one will ever understand the pain of conditioning on tiles.

    8. You can never walk the day after conditioning.

    9. You know land drills can be more intense than actual swimming.

    10. And if you run through deck work for long enough it will make you forget how to swim.

    11. You can't complete any task without pre-empting it with "And 5, 6, 7, 8".

    12. You refuse to be the first one in the warmup because you can never remember the set.

    Disney /

    OK, so that's three lengths ballet leg, then 800m butterfly, followed by 200m front crawl sprints with eggbeater between each length. Right?

    13. There's nothing worse than thinking you've finished a set only for your coach to add another one...with unders.

    Martin Bureau / AFP / Getty Images / Buzzfeed

    It's fine, I don't need air anyway.

    14. And it's always terrifying coming up from an under to see the coach looking at you like this:

    15. Honestly, non-synchro people will never understand the pain.

    Because they're so damn painful.

    16. Every time you do lengths of double ballet leg you can see your legs shaking.

    17. When you do a run-through with no goggles on all you can see are rainbows for hours afterwards.

    Warner Bros /

    18. Having cramp midway through a figure is your worst nightmare.

    But you go on anyway because you're a fighter.

    19. You never feel more betrayed than when your nose clip falls off mid-routine.

    20. You've definitely hidden from your coach under the water when a run-through hasn't gone as planned.


    21. Because your coach's face tells you exactly how a routine has gone.

    Clive Rose / Getty Images / Sky / Buzzfeed

    22. But there's no fear like being the base of the lift.

    When the lift fails @synchroproblems #synchroproblems

    You never know your fate.

    23. You know that synchro mums are the most intense of all the sports mums.


    They're always on the side of the pool like this.

    24. You usually look like this at the end of practice.

    25. "Sorry, I can’t, I have practice" is your most commonly used sentence.

    "What're you being for Halloween?" "A synchronized swimmer" "Oh that's clever!" "No, seriously, I have practice" #synchroproblems

    26. You have the ability to eat your body weight in carbs after training.

    Paramount /

    27. Your non-synchro friends are always asking how long you can hold your breath for.

    28. And people can't seem to understand how your makeup can stay on.

    29. At school people always wanted to know why your hair was wet.


    Because you had training BEFORE school.

    30. Nothing makes your eyes water more than when someone else puts your headpiece on.

    31. And your competition costume causes you serious discomfort in every area.

    They may look pretty but sequins are a real hazard.

    32. There are no boundaries between you and your teammates.

    33. And you're a well-oiled machine.

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