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    Posted on Sep 13, 2016

    23 Things You'll Understand If You're English At A Welsh Uni

    Hills. Everywhere.

    1. The signs are a little confusing.

    Paul Ellis / AFP / Getty Images

    That's just an excessive amount of letters.

    2. Your emails look like this:

    Cassie Smyth / Buzzfeed

    The Welsh HAS to be on the left, remember.

    3. Your graduation ceremony takes twice as long because it's in two languages.

    4. Your Welsh friends take the piss out of you when you can't pronounce something.

    The Welsh language makes sounds no human is supposed to make.

    5. Welsh is sneaking into your vocabulary and you've started using words like "cwtch".


    Your parents don't even recognise you any more.

    6. If you've got any link to Wales you will milk it just to fit in.

    BBC FIlms

    "Yes, my great-great-uncle's dog was a Welsh sheepdog."

    7. Rugby is everything.

    8. And a night out with the rugby lads cannot be missed.

    9. During the Six Nations the university is torn apart.

    David Rogers / Mike Hewitt / Getty Images / Buzzfeed

    You're either English or Welsh, even if you're an international student.

    10. And emotions are high.


    If England lose you will be reminded of it every single day for the rest of your life.

    11. You've never been patriotic in your life, but all of a sudden this is you:


    When the match is over you go back to disliking England.

    12. The Welsh-only halls are a dark, dark place you will never venture into.

    13. And so are the pubs only the locals go in.

    Google Maps

    Unless you want to answer to all your Englishness.

    14. Your Welsh friends act like you've never seen nature before.


    Because the countryside just doesn't exist in the concrete jungle that is England.

    15. Everything is up a bloody hill.

    New Line Cinema

    16. Which means that you get to university looking like this.

    "No, this isn't sweat, it's just raining outside."

    17. But it's worth it for the Instagram likes.

    18. You don't understand why all the Welsh call the bus driver "Drive". / Creative Commons

    Or did their parents know they were born to be bus drivers and name them Drive?

    19. And you've come to mistrust Arriva, just like the locals.

    Twitter: @williamp7

    It may as well be called "Rail Replacement Service".

    20. You've fallen in love with Welsh food, such as Welsh cakes.

    21. And Welsh oggie.

    22. The best thing about getting the train home is seeing all the lambs.

    23. Wales is your home now and you love it, almost as much as the Welsh.

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