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    27 Things Every Aberystwyth University Student Has Done

    Buying an obscene amount of VKs from Yokos is essential.

    1. Had a battle with a seagull.

    2. Craved a Ta Med Da dinner when suffering through a particularly bad hangover.

    3. Been broken by Aber 7s weekend.

    4. And scarred by Super Teams.

    5. Lived in fear of Pantyceln.

    6. But still been angry when they closed it down.

    7. Been hyper aware of your nationality during the 6 nations.

    8. But still turned up to the union for the free chips at half time.

    9. Got lost in Hugh Owen at least once.

    10. Spent many a night in Hugh Owen basically living out of those vending machines

    11. Procrastinated in the library by staring at the view.

    12. Arrived at a lecture sweaty AF because you didn't leave yourself enough time to tackle Penglais hill.

    Holy fucking hell I managed to walk up penglais hill in 15 minsish...I didn't know I was capable of miracles but pls refer to me as messiah

    13. Got a little bit too drunk off of 60p vodka shots in Harleys and thought you could win the T-shirt challenge.

    14. Got excited when they opened a Tesco Express in town.

    My dad to each family member / guest / visitor: "Have you been to the new Tesco in Aberystwyth yet?" Followed by a debate about escalators.

    15. But have joined the locals in being extremely pissed off when a new chain coffee shop opens.

    Aberystwyth in one coffee shop away from the old people descending into anarchy

    16. Used the microwave in Spar to microwave your Rustlers burger and were gutted when they got rid of it.

    17. Been pissed off that there's ridiculous number of Polly/Ollys in town but no Topshop.

    Still annoyed that Aberystwyth had no Topshop. What uni town has no Topshop? Poor students.

    18. Had to clarify which Spar you were meeting up at, even if it was always the 24 hour one.

    19. Had to decide which of the 108349585 sunset pictures to delete off of your phone to make room for more sunset pictures.

    20. Spent an absolute age trying to decide which Cambrian cocktail to have.

    21. Had a Death Star from Cambrian and immediately hated yourself.

    You know it's lethal when the bartender makes sure that you've eaten something before you drink it... #DeathStar #Aberystwyth

    22. Gone to Baravin and Libertine and thinking you're posh when in reality you're drowning in your overdraft.

    23. Gone to the beach when you've been told to stay away during a storm.

    24. And experienced the thrill of seafront halls being evacuated.

    25. Danced to Mr. Brightside in Pier Pressure.

    26. Bought two VK's in Yokos and honestly thought you were a baller.

    27. And regrettably ended up at Lip Lickin'.

    Not even been in Aber 24 hours and already thrown up in Harrys, tripped in Pier and scoffed a whole lip lickin.