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    19 Things All Sisters Who Steal Clothes Will Relate To

    You shared a womb so you can share a wardrobe.

    1. You literally wear every single thing she owns.

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    2. But get offended when people say you look alike.


    3. When you receive a compliment you're used to replying "thanks it's my sister's".

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    4. You sometimes wear her clothes even if you don't like them, just because they're new and exciting.

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    5. You have to stealthily leave the house in case she sees you.


    6. And god forbid she sees you out in her clothes.

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    7. You've found something of yours while stealing her clothes before and got super annoyed about it.


    8. You enjoy the thrill of rummaging through her wardrobe without getting caught.

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    9. You go through her Facebook and make a mental note of what you want to steal.


    10. You get her clothes for her birthday that you plan on stealing.

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    11. And you drop hints about what clothes she should buy for herself.


    12. You argue over whose something was originally.


    13. You try and fit into all her clothes even if you aren't the same size.

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    14. And force your feet into shoes that are not your size.


    15. Then flat out deny stretching her clothes.

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    16. You get annoyed when something of hers that you wanted to steal is in the wash.

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    17. You've had huge arguments over your addiction to her wardrobe.


    18. She should really take it as a compliment that you value her style.

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    19. But if you catch her in any of your stuff she is dead.


    The absolute cheek of it!

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