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    22 Things You'll Know If You Love Makeup But You're Broke AF

    "When foundation is £35 I can't afford for people to cancel plans."

    1. You exclusively buy your makeup from chemists.

    2. And you spend every day resisting the temptation to buy new makeup.

    3. You've learnt to buy from sites that don't rob you for shipping.

    4. You make sure to never lose these bad boys.

    5. And for your birthday you ask for high-end products that you've wanted for ages but can't afford.

    6. You have never replaced your mascara after the recommended six months.

    7. So now it's basically a tube of dry flakes that you're combing your lashes with.

    8. You actually can't admit to yourself how old your beauty blender is.

    9. You buy magazines for the free makeup.

    10. You can't relate to people who buy things on a whim.

    11. Because you spend all your time researching what shade of lipstick you will buy when you have the money.

    12. You save your foundation for special occasions because that shit is expensive.

    13. You live for budget makeup tutorials.

    14. So you spend hours searching for the perfect dupe to buy on pay day.

    15. It is beyond baffling to you that people are shelling out a ridiculous amount of money on Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits.

    16. When Colour Pop's are so much kinder to your bank account.

    17. You actually still own makeup from when you were 15.

    18. And regularly borrow your friends' makeup.

    19. When you do eventually buy a fancy, expensive product you think about how many drugstore products you could have bought instead.

    20. You have a huge collection of free samples.

    21. And you're not ashamed to top up your makeup with the free testers in the shop.

    22. Because despite your bank account you always look fucking flawless!