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    23 Problems All Sweaty Girls Have In The Winter

    My glands are open all year.

    1. Winter means you have to choose between being warm and sweaty, or cold and a tiny bit less sweaty.

    2. Layers are essential but also your enemy.


    3. They are unforgiving in terms of ventilation.

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    4. And more layers = more sweat patches.

    5. You're very used to discreetly wiping your sweat away in public.

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    6. Public transport is more hellish than usual.


    7. And you sweat more than usual on it because no one will open a damn window.


    8. So then you get worried about reaching up to hold a pole incase everyone can smell you and hates you for it.

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    9. Your extreme sweating means you shower all the time.

    10. But in the winter the trip between the shower and your room is even more treacherous than usual, so you usually just sit in your towel for ages building the courage to leave.

    11. While a beanie does look cute, it always makes your forehead sweaty.

    12. And scarves are nice and everything but omg neck sweat is gross.

    13. Jumpers are cosy but actual sweat traps, you could wring them out by the end of the day.

    14. More sweaty layers means you have tons more washing to do in winter.


    15. You have to carry deodorant everywhere with you.

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    16. But there's only so much it can do.


    17. You're more conscious than usual because at least in summer other people are sweaty too.

    18. The change in temperature between outside and inside means that as soon as you step inside you sweat buckets.


    19. Which means you have to pretend it was raining out, but only on you.

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    20. Winter means hot drinks but drinking hot drinks in all these layers results in sweat.

    21. Everyone else is cold and has to have the heating on high, meanwhile you're sweating loads.


    22. And other people can't understand why you're sweating when it's winter.


    23. But tbh you don't understand it either, you've come to accept that you're sweaty all year around.

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