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    21 Things You Know If You're The Funny Friend

    You can't say anything seriously without everyone thinking you're being sarcastic.

    1. You are the one that always has the group cracking up.


    2. And it's up to you to make every situation funny.

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    3. Especially when things are pretty tense, you have to be the one to lighten the mood.


    4. Although you've read a situation wrong before and tried to make it funny when it just wasn't.

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    5. And you've also had the horror of thinking you could take the mick out of someone who clearly wasn't having it.


    6. In the group chat you're the one who always keeps the laughs going.


    7. And tbh you're always finding the funniest memes and tagging everyone.

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    8. However, when anyone tags you in a meme you're polite enough to reply "hahaha lol love that", even though you saw it weeks ago.


    9. You're willing to make yourself look like an absolute idiot just to make your friends laugh.


    10. Tbh being the funny one can be pretty frustrating and you're never really taken seriously.

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    11. There have been countless times when you've said something in all seriousness and everyone just presumed you were being sarcastic.


    12. And it takes forever to prove to your friends that you can actually be serious.


    13. But you can't blame them really because you're kind of shit at showing genuine emotion.


    14. And you are actually physically incapable of lining up for a nice girly on hip photo with your friends.

    15. It's pretty much your job to cheer everyone up all the time.


    16. Which means you feel like you're never allowed a shit day and have to always be in a good mood, which is pretty exhausting.


    17. You've got such a thick skin because you know you can't dish it if you can't take it back.


    18. Although that doesn't mean you're not sensitive and sometimes, deep down, some jokes do get to you.

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    19. You were always in trouble at school, even when other people were misbehaving too, but you got the blame because you were the loudest.

    20. When your friends introduce you as "the funny one" the expectation is too much to live up to and you become the unfunny one.

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    21. But 99% of the time you rise to the occasion and solidify your status as the funniest one in the group.