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    21 Things That Are Too Real If You Have A Crappy Phone

    Your Instagram game is very poor.

    1. For whatever reason, you haven't got the latest phone. And that's fine! But it's also so bloody annoying because you can never share your phone woes with anyone else.

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    2. You're always being asked when you'll get an iPhone.


    3. Because your phone is a bit rusty, your autocorrect is always off and you send some pretty weird texts.

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    4. No one ever asks you to take photos because your phone camera is pretty shoddy.


    5. Which means your Insta game is way worse than it should be.


    6. And you can't just kill time on the bus by looking through photos, because you don't have enough space on your phone to store them.

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    So you just stare out of the window for the whole journey.

    7. And you don't have room for the newest apps.

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    8. There's no watching Netflix on your commute for you because streaming is just impossible for your phone.


    9. Because your phone isn't the fanciest, you don't tend to use it that much, so you don't get that many texts.

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    10. And the only person who calls you is your mum.

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    But you like her so it's fine.

    11. But there are so many upsides to having a crappy phone, like how you're not that addicted to your phone because it's not good enough to spend all of your time on.


    12. Your phone is pretty robust so you don't have that heart-shattering feeling every time you accidentally drop your phone because you know the screen is okay.


    13. You're also never afraid to throw your phone across the room because it's basically indestructible.

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    You take all your anger out on that lil' guy.

    14. Which means you've very rarely bought phone insurance because it'll never break.


    15. Plus, there's no point insuring it incase it gets lost, because for some reason this giant brick is always by your side.

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    16. You never bother getting a protective case.

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    17. And it's not fancy enough for anyone to steal.


    18. You've even dropped it down the toilet before and it's been fine.

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    19. A real upside to your old phone is that it has a great battery life and you can pretty much last on 1% all day.

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    20. You're happy with your basic phone and have grown not to need anything fancy.


    21. Plus, it's always works as a good excuse not to get back to anyone!


    Sorry Karen, my phone just wouldn't turn on so I couldn't do that work you wanted me to do.

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