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    Posted on Sep 16, 2016

    26 Things That Actually Happened In Magaluf

    Have you really had a night out in Maga unless you've been in Alex's singing "Champagne Supernova"?

    1. Before you went you told your parents you were going to Palma Nova.

    2. Lads in novelty t-shirts were inevitably on your plane.

    Film4 Productions

    Reaaaallll original guys.

    3. You'd lovingly nicknamed your hotel before even arriving.

    Cassie Smyth / BuzzFeed

    This one is called "Big Don".

    4. In the day time you hired a pedalo and took photos like you were on a yacht.

    Cassie Smyth / BuzzFeed

    The height of glamour.

    5. You were approached by promoters wherever you went and got talked in to buying tickets to a "VIP" bar crawl, paint party or boat party.

    6. If you were in a particular holiday mood you'd get yourself a braid.

    Cassie Smyth / BuzzFeed

    It let everyone know "hey, I am fun!"

    7. You started prinking really early, even though you honestly didn't need to.

    Cassie Smyth / Buzzfeed

    You peaked too early and payed for it in the morning.

    8. Once you got to the strip you were approached by 10000000 promoters saying "Alright gals, where you going tonight?".

    But you already had a game plan and you needed to stick to it.

    9. After scouring the strip, and trying to dodge promoters, you settled on a €5 deal that contained cocktails, shots and "champagne".

    Cassie Smyth / BuzzFeed

    These did unspeakable things to your insides.

    10. Then obviously you had to take photos drinking those drinks, even though they were vile.

    Cassie Smyth / BuzzFeed

    You had to make sure you got your Poundland lashes in the shot.

    11. Everyone was on a quad bike.

    Film4 Productions

    The Magaluf strip is not even the appropriate terrain.

    12. You bought your friends some plastic tat and had a mini photoshoot with it.

    Cassie Smyth / BuzzFeed
    Cassie Smyth / BuzzFeed

    It was well worth the €1.

    13. You spent half your time trying to look for Imogen and Jordan from Magaluf Weekender.


    But the Maga gods did not will it.

    14. Every single night you lost your friends and would have to dance by yourself.

    Luckily you know how to tear up the dance floor on your own.

    15. But you'd always find them in the toilets like this:

    Cassie Smyth / BuzzFeed

    16. Someone ended up injured.

    17. You went to BCM at least once and almost drowned in the foam party.

    18. You'd make sure to hit the big bars, like Linekars.

    19. And Office.

    20. Or maybe even Mulligans.

    Twitter: @MulligansMaga

    Probably the cheapest drinks on the strip tbh.

    21. But you'd always end up in Alex's

    22. You'd finish off the night with a Son Matias Burger.

    Cassie Smyth

    Honestly the finest cuisine.

    23. You always woke up the next day with no voice.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    That Rushkinoff cough was a killer.

    24. But managed to drag yourself to your friend's bedroom to catch up on the gossip.

    The CW

    25. This was your breakfast:

    Cassie Smyth / BuzzFeed

    Healthy and nutritious.

    26. And then you spent the next day worse for wear on a sun bed, getting ready to do it all again.

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