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18 Things That Happen In The Women's Toilets That No One Talks About

What happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom.

1. Sometimes an enormous fart slips out, but you don't talk about it with Sarah, even though she knows it was you.

2. And you can't mistake that familiar plopping sound, but everyone just represses it.

If you hear ever me cough in the bathroom...I was covering up a poop plop. #themoreyouknow

3. When it's a fart and a poop at the same time and you get all embarrassed, but don't worry: That sound you made will never be mentioned outside this bathroom.

4. You feel safe to loudly ask if anyone has tampons.

5. And the rustling of sanitary towel wrappers is just ignored.

6. When someone is taking ages you know they're pooping and/or putting a tampon in.

7. When you hear that double flush, you know they've dropped a floater but you won't mention it.

When you double flush the toilet at the place you're visiting they already know what's up

8. You leave the bathroom knowing you've left a terrible smell but pretend you haven't.

9. Sometimes if a toilet bowl is just absolutely ruined with poop, we make sure to let other women in the loo know about it – but outside, the ruined toilet does not exist.

10. And the same goes for period blood.

11. But the worst thing, the absolute worst, is the toilet water reaching your butt.

12. On a night out is where the real toilet action happens; a semi-permanent sisterhood is formed that only exists inside that toilet.

13. You share a cubicle with your friend and have deep conversations while one of you is weeing.

14. You share each other's makeup.

15. And share secrets you've never told anyone before.

It makes sense that the chamber of secrets is in the girls bathroom bc girls travel in packs to the bathroom to share secrets all the time

16. You hug girls you've literally never seen in your life before and call them your best friend.

17. And dish out compliments that in your head seem like actual poetry but really it's just a slurred "OMG you're so hot."

18. Basically you form a bond with total strangers that can never be broken, but outside the toilet your sober self will just signify it with a nod.