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17 Mistakes Every Tourist Makes When They Visit The UK

Please stop paying loads for fish and chips!

1. Tourists often only visit London or presume the rest of the country is just like London.

2. They pay too much for fish and chips.

3. They refer to Birmingham as Bur-ming-HAM.

4. Or Edinburgh as Edin-burg.

i was watching something the other day and the woman pronounced edinburgh as "edin-berg." no, that's wrong. very wrong.

This is self explanatory.

5. Speaking of Edinburgh, tourists should really stop taking photos outside of the phone shop.

My favourite thing about Edinburgh is when tourists take pictures in front of the photo of the castle on the wall of the vodafone shop when the actual castle is right across the road

C'mon guys!

6. A lot of the time tourists don't even bother to visit the beauty that is Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.

7. They think everywhere is quaint.

8. And that our lives are like Midsomer Murders.

9. They think that we eat a full English breakfast every day.

10. And that we actually eat afternoon tea frequently.

11. They presume that we all speak like the Queen.

12. Or that we speak like Danny Dyer.

13. They make the mistake of shopping on Oxford Street.

14. For some reason, tourists on Oxford Circus walk 10x slower than everyone else.

How tourists and couples walk on Oxford street

I understand that they're taking in the views but there should be a designated slow lane for slow walkers.

15. At Christmas time this gets even worse.

Dear Tourists Yes the lights in Oxford Street look nice. All I ask is that you stand to one side when taking pictures. Thanks Eveyone

16. Tourists tend to feed the birds.

17. Most of all they expect the UK to at least be nice in the summer.