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    29 Times Little Mix Were Friendship Goals

    Five years on and they're still friendship goals.

    1. Since day one Little Mix have been there for each other.


    2. Through all the X Factor live shows.


    3. And the world tours.

    4. They've remained best friends and have always got each other's backs.

    5. Like when a bee attacked the group but Jade and Perrie took one for the team and carried on singing.

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    6. And when Perrie complemented Leigh-Anne on Twitter.

    7. When they hated being apart so they brought on a cardboard cut out of Jesy when she couldn't perform.

    8. Like all BFFs, they're brutally honest with each other, like when Jessie and Perrie wanted to win a Brit.

    9. And are comfortable being really weird around each other.

    10. True friends feed each other delicious pizza.

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    11. And have pyjama dance parties.

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    12. Little Mix are just ridiculously synchronized, not just in mind and body...

    13. But in fashion too.

    14. They live for laughter.

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    15. And truly understand the value of a good cackle.

    16. Friends help friends find the ultimate selfie lighting.

    17. And friends cast spells on their enemies together.

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    18. They even write emotional Instagram captions about their freindship.

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    19. Friends get delirious together during interviews.

    20. Little Mix prove that a group hug can solve everything.

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    21. And that walking together is the only way to solidify a friendship.

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    22. They have the most fun on tour together.

    23. And are off the scale adorable.

    24. They love each other through all the glam times.

    25. And the not so glam times.

    26. Their voices compliment each other perfectly.

    27. They have each others backs through break downs.

    28. And are there for each other when they come out on top.


    29. Little Mix prove that friendship is the greatest relationship.

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