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    19 Disney Boys Who Were Actual Trash

    Disney movie dudes were the original fuckboys.

    19. Donnie, Even Stevens

    CBBC / Disney

    Donnie didn't really get much screen time, but when he did he was a right douche. He was either always working out and flexing or saying something extremely ridiculous.

    18. Jeff Fungus, Monsters, Inc.


    Sure, Randall is probably worse, but Jeff isn't even fully evil and is totally fine with being a bystander to Randall's evil plans.

    17. Herbie, Herbie: Fully Loaded


    He can be a bit of a jerk to Maggie sometimes and really pressures her into some sticky situations. Also, he was a bit of a player, winking at other cars all the time.

    16. T.J., Recess


    That backwards hat says it all, really: T.J. was a fuckboy. He loved the power of being in charge and everything was always up to him. Poor Gus.

    15. Rufus, Kim Possible


    Rufus can be helpful but needs to sort out his attitude.

    14. Cody, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody


    He's the nicer of the Martin twins but still a bit of a dick. He dates two girls at once and is unnecessarily harsh to Agnes. Definitely trash.

    13. Linguini, Ratatouille


    He's got good intentions but fundamentally uses Remy's talent for his own gain. Basically, a rat was more talented than him and he couldn't handle his own mediocrity. Classic.

    12. Jackson Stewart, Hannah Montana


    Even though he doesn't like her, Jackson goes out with Sarah and fucks her around by never breaking up with her. He's also just an arse in general.

    11. Harvey Kinkle, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch


    OK, so Harvey was actually a pretty good egg but his breakup with Sabrina was not cool. He also still liked Sabrina when he was going out with Morgan, and quite honestly played with both of their feelings.

    10. Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible


    He was always moaning on missions and was a particular jerk when he stole Kim's super suit.

    9. Ronald Longcape Jr, Wizards of Waverly Place


    This pretentious loser used Alex for his evil plan. He's a special kind of evil wizard fuckboy that is rare but must be avoided at all costs.

    8. Jackal Johnson, The Cheetah Girls


    Jackal was the original creepy record label producer, but he still couldn't mess with the the Cheetah Girls. Also, he always sported the regulation fuckboy hairstyle.

    7. Zack, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody


    Zack is constantly using Cody for his get-rich-quick schemes and truthfully was a bit of a player. Let's not even mention how he called Maddie "sweet thang".

    6. Shane Gray, Camp Rock


    We get it, you're a moody, misunderstood bad boy who just needs a good girl to make him appreciate life. Ugh.

    5. Henry J. Waternoose, Monsters, Inc.


    He played us all.

    4. Jake Ryan, Hannah Montana


    Jake was way too vain and was the biggest fuckboy of all for cheating on queen Miley. Fool.

    3. Elton Bates, Freaky Friday


    Elton was rejected over 20 years ago and holds Anna accountable for his own inability to take rejection. Tess. Owed. You. Nothing.

    2. Josh, Geek Charming


    He actually chooses a girl to film and mock her for her popularity, then uses that film to belittle her in front of the whole school, all while ignoring his best friends. Honestly one of the worst guys in Disney Channel history.

    1. Paolo, The Lizzie McGuire Movie


    Paolo is the ultimate fuckboy, he plays with both Lizzie and Isabella and is only interested in fame, his gross tinted sunglasses, and huge collared shirts. Luckily Isabella is the queen of exposing fuckboys and did it in one iconic line: "Sing to me, Paolo".

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