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    21 Bullshit Things Every Youngest Child Has To Deal With

    You always had to go last in board games, even though they weren't the official rules!

    1. As a kid hand-me-downs were the only clothes you were allowed, and most of the time they were seven years out of fashion.

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    2. Or very, very, worn out.


    3. And you always had to share a room.


    4. And if you had bunk beds then you didn't get a say over whether you got the top or bottom bunk.


    5. You always get talked over in family conversations.

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    6. And you've been left out of Secret Santa once or twice.


    7. You're always the last one to experience anything which is SO NOT FAIR.


    8. Most of the arguments you get in you simply can not win because you're the youngest.

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    9. And as much as you tried as a kid, you always lost in fist fights because you were the smallest.

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    10. You always get the last pick of the food because you're the youngest.

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    11. And you have to go last when playing board games because "The oldest always goes first".


    12. You're more scared of the wrath of your older siblings than your parents because they have shit on you.


    13. You never sit shotgun in the car and pretty much always have to sit in the middle seat, which everyone knows is the worst one


    14. You're more likely to answer to your sibling's name than your own.


    15. And tbh you've even answered to the dog's name before.


    16. The biggest risk you can take is going into your older sibling's room to steal something.


    17. But usually you end up finding your possessions and getting secretly outraged, but you don't let them know you've been in there because then this would happen.

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    18. Then you hear them coming up the stairs and you run like this:


    19. There are barely any baby photos of you.


    20. And the ones that do exist are usually just of your siblings looking cute holding your squished body.

    I was just reminded of the existence of this photo of me holding my baby sister while my brother “helps”. It makes me so happy.

    21. Despite all of this though you'll always love your siblings, because they always have your back.


    Even if they also have all of your stolen things.