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PSA: Cats With Thumbs Exist!

They're basically paw-fect!

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Ok so maybe not quite, but there's a type of cat that exists that have a congenital physical anomaly that makes them look like they have thumbs!

Instagram: @romagattina

They're called polydactyl cats and are basically the cutest cats ever.

Instagram: @loomknitdiva

While most cats are born with 18 toes, five toes on the front paws and four on the back paws, polydactyl cats can have up to eight toes on each paw!

Instagram: @hank_the_deaf_and_blind_cat

They're nicknamed "Hemingway cats" because Ernest Hemingway was a huge fan of them after he was gifted one by a sailor.

Instagram: @romagattina

Their extra toes make that little squishy part of their paws extra fluffier and cuter.

Instagram: @thepollygram

And the little pads one their paws are even more adorable than usual!

Instagram: @quinn_the_polydactyl_cat

Don't you just want to shake their hands?

Instagram: @highland_lynx

Basically polydactyl cats are unbelievably paw-fect.

Instagram: @darlaandhowardtherascal
  1. Do you think these cats are cute or kind of weird?

PSA: Cats With Thumbs Exist!

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Do you think these cats are cute or kind of weird?
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