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    Posted on Sep 15, 2016

    25 Problems That Every S Club Fan Girl Has Experienced

    Maybe Rachel's 'thing' will always be a mystery.

    1. Reading into the album covers to try and find out who was with who.


    Bradley and Rachel look mighty close in this one.

    2. But wait, Bradley and Hannah are holding hands in this one!


    3. Being seven- years-old and really wanting to relate to this emotional rollercoaster. /

    You'd stare out the window and really ~feel~ the lyrics anyway.

    4. Loving Bradley because he was the clown of the group.


    He was the goofball, you were the goofball, it was meant to be.

    5. Desperately needing the boots in the "Never Had A Dream Come True" Video.

    "Mum, they're totally practical"

    6. Having to pose with your thumbs through your belt loops, even though it was kind of uncomfortable.

    Twitter: @SClub7

    How else would anyone know that you're totally laid back?

    7. Getting bought clothes that fit when you wanted them to be as baggy as Jon's.


    Your combat trousers didn't look right unless you were drowning in them.

    8. And realising your Tammy Girl wardrobe couldn't match up to Tina's.

    Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

    She was queen of the baker boy hats.

    9. Never having just the right pair of dark wash baggy jeans.

    Anthony Harvey / Newsmakers

    How would you ever fit in with the gang?

    10. Not being allowed to improvise with scarves so you couldn't look like your idols.

    Getty Images

    It's called fashion, look it up.

    11. Being told you couldn't audition for S Club Juniors even though knew you you'd be the perfect fit.

    Polydor Records

    "But Mum, i'm ready to be a star!!!"

    12. Always missing one copy of the S Club Style magazine.

    13. Needing everything branded S Club so your friends knew you were a true fan.

    Jo's bridge sounds 100x better out of an S Club stereo.

    14. Having to sing "hoochie mamas show your nanas" very quietly so you wouldn't get told off.

    It was such a risqué line.

    15. Knowing the dolls looked nothing like your fave but wanting them anyway.

    16. Knowing you'd never have moves like Jon.

    17. Because no matter how much you tried, you could never perfect this move.

    Hours were spent on the living room floor in a pile of cushions, but you could never emulate Jon.

    18. And you could never get Tina's dance right.

    It took some serious flexibility.

    19. Always wondering exactly what Rachel's "thing" was.

    You've seen Rachel do her thing with your own eyes, but you're still pretty unsure.

    20. Truly knowing you were two in a million but not knowing who the other person was.

    But you really hope it was Bradley.

    21. Never quite drawing the S the right way around when doing the dance.

    22. Having to run home from school to watch your faves get into shenanigans in America.


    You lived for when they broke out in song.

    23. Watching the film and and wondering if all your friends had belly buttons.

    Columbia Pictures

    They could've been clones, you never know.

    24. Wishing Paul was as enthusiastic as the other members.

    Getty / Anthony Harvey

    But loving him all the same.

    25. Refusing to do the Reach dance at the school disco because the song was too mainstream.


    You're not a fan until you've listened to their B sides.

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