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People Keep Dressing Up The Birmingham Bull And I've Had Enough

Let it embrace its own style for once!

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So this is the bull that majestically guards the Bullring and it is the pride and joy of Birmingham.

Instagram: @cstreet2013

The Bull is so loved that people come from far and wide to take pictures with its cute lil' angry face,

Instagram: @molineuxdruidhawk

These are cute pyjamas but it's clearly daytime so what is it doing in night clothes?

Instagram: @ellrbrown82

For The Bull, Christmas is the worst.

Instagram: @itsmecathehh

This is just very disrespectful to both elves and bulls. The Bull clearly isn't having any of it!

Instagram: @lingalong8

How have they even managed to find a Christmas cracker hat to fit its head? The poor thing obviously dreads the holidays.

Instagram: @lee1ngham

But the worst Christmas costume of all has to be this gingerbread man costume. Maybe it wanted to be an angel or a snowman, but we wouldn't know because we've never even asked The Bull!

Instagram: @indianbride

It's weird that we dress up The Bull in a Union Jack when you can tell by its face that it hates this country because of its citizens that keep dressing it like a fool.

Instagram: @badiwad

Yes, The Bull was a professional dancer in the '80s but that was its past and its moved on from it since, so why can't we?

Instagram: @oonamac

I can actually hear it screaming "help me" in this picture.

Instagram: @the_shiax

Bulls and Leprechauns have a long history of political tension and to put The Bull in this costume is truly disrespectful. Have some taste.

Instagram: @nancybotingchen

The Bull is beautiful in its natural form and we should let it know that!