19 Hilarious Letters From Kids Who Have No Filter

    "My room may smell like poop in the morning, I know that because I have diarrhea."

    1. This kid who just loves drawing "tits".

    2. This kid whose future is surely in investigative journalism.

    3. This kid who needed to warn everybody of this travesty.

    4. This kid who really just needs answers.

    5. This kid who only wants $5.3 billion.

    6. This kid's letter to NASA that proves he may or may not be an alien.

    7. This kid who just wanted to make it to three paragraphs.

    8. This kid who is so devoted to video games he thought this would actually work.

    9. This kid who really went in on Santa.

    10. This kid's extremely questionable letter.

    11. This kid's touching letter home from camp.

    12. This kid's apology that turned into plain fighting talk.

    13. This kid who found a hack for writing lines.

    14. This kid whose assassination thankfully failed.

    15. This kid who took down her dad in the form of a thank-you letter.

    16. This simultaneous threat and Valentine's Day card.

    17. This kid's accidental foul language.

    18. Hopefully this kid is just not good at spelling.

    19. And finally, this kid's very thoughtful warning.