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23 Jokes You’ll Get If You’re Constantly In A State Of Denial

"Friend: how are things? Me: things are good! Narrator: things were not good"

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1. This forced smile:

2. This refusal to work:

me: *has a job* me: *sees my name on the schedule*

3. This assimilation:

4. This classic delusion:

5. This extremely accurate cartoon:

6. This downfall:

7. This painfully true voiceover:

8. This clever advice:

9. This giant lie:

10. This absolute classic:

11. This comforting illusion:

12. This typical case of bottling up your feelings:

13. This cat, who is quite frankly denial goals:

14. This refusal to accept time as a construct:

me: oh yeah 2007, three years ago? someone: ...10 years ago my brain:

15. This refusal to let fear surface:

me trying to walk down the street and enjoy the warm weather without thinking about how global warming will kill us…

16. This hopeful but ultimately unsuccessful idea:

17. This student who is totally fine:

18. This accurate revision session:

19. This inner monologue:

20. This lie we all tell ourselves:

21. This bank account betrayal:

Account balance: $100.00 Me: *spends $2.91* New account balance: $97.09 Me:

22. This totally normal reaction to bad news:

23. This scientifically accurate workload denial: