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    If People Talked About Dads The Way They Do Mums

    "Making a dad joke isn't a miracle and doesn't make you a hero."

    1. Men would be known as a parent, and only a parent.

    2. Their post-birth body would be scrutinised heavily.

    3. Dads wouldn't even be able to feed their children without being ridiculously criticised.

    4. And sexualised.

    5. They would be accused of being under protective.

    6. And over protective.

    7. Dads would be reprimanded for showing too much skin.

    8. And they would constantly be under attack for "letting themselves go".

    9. Dads would be under fire for reproducing too much.

    10. Tabloids would analyse their bodies closely, looking for that all important baby bump.

    11. Basically, men could do no right from the minute they fertilized that egg.